MSI's RTX 4060 graphics card has been spotted at Computex

MSI Ventus 2X Black OC has been snapped over at the show - it's a dual fan graphics card which is designed to fit easily into smaller PCs.

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An RTX 4060 graphics card has been spotted at Computex, with this model coming from MSI.

It's the first sighting of an RTX 4060 that we've been treated to - the vanilla version due to debut in July, as opposed to the RTX 4060 Ti, which is already out - although it doesn't bring any surprises.

By which we mean that the MSI Ventus 2X Black OC looks pretty much like the same take on that model with the RTX 4060 Ti (it's a compact board with dual fans, designed to fit well in a smaller PC case).

The graphics card was photographed by Hardware Unboxed, as you can see in the above tweet.

As you might imagine, the marketing blurb describing Lovelace as a 'quantum leap' in performance has been the subject of some jokes on Twitter. Although to be fair, higher-end models have been a significant step up with the RTX 4000 family, but that isn't quite so true with the lower-end GPUs such as the RTX 4060 range.

Of course, we have yet to see the vanilla RTX 4060 in action, and at least its pricing is finally pitched at an affordable level at $299. That's the MSRP, mind, and naturally custom boards with beefier performance will command a higher price tag (such as this OC or overclocked model).

Also set to arrive in July is the 16GB spin on the RTX 4060 Ti, but if you want to double up the VRAM, it'll cost you. Indeed, the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB will run to $499, quite the eye-watering price tag (compared to the MSRP of the 8GB version which is $399, and that doesn't seem to be selling well at this level).

That's why the RTX 4060 vanilla is the GPU many Team Green fans are looking forward to, purely because of that much more wallet-friendly price tag. Let's hope that performance isn't disappointing when it comes to review time, although you can only expect so much from the given specs (with CUDA Cores cut down to 3,072).

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