Bionik is getting ready to launch a pair of VR headset accessories

Bionik is preparing to release a pair of accessories to upgrade your VR headset. A Quest 2 face cushion and universal headphones.

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Bionik today announced two accessories for your VR headset. The company is preparing to release a hypoallergenic face cushion for the Oculus Quest 2 to keep your headset clean. It also announced an update to the Mantis VR headphones that work with almost any VR headset.

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Bionik's Face Pad VR is a direct replacement for the factory face cushion. The company said the cushion is made of "soft, absorbent, hypoallergenic materials." Bionik's product designers also added vents to the frame to give the headset extra ventilation for extended use.

Bionik's Mantis VR headphones are an accessory for almost any VR headset. These clip-on headphones give you better audio for your VR experience without the need to mess with a separate pair of headphones. The Mantis VR has a universal clip that attaches to the side strap of your headset to give you high-fidelity over-the-ear audio.

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Bionik said the Mantis VR headphones would sell for MSRP $59.99, and the Face Pad VR would sell for MSRP $14.99. Both accessories will be available online and in-store in the coming months. See Bionik's website for more information.


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