Oculus Quest 2 is now the most popular VR headset on Steam

The Oculus Quest 2 is used by more SteamVR players than any other VR headset. Oculus also holds more than 50% of the market.

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Valve's most recent SteamVR survey results are out, and the new numbers show fantastic growth for Oculus's install base. Quest 2 is now the most used VR headset on the SteamVR platform.

Oculus Quest 2 is now the most popular VR headset on Steam 01

Facebook released the Oculus Quest 2 headset in October 2020. Within its short five-month existence, the Quest 2 has eclipsed the install base of every other VR headset on the market, giving Oculus a commanding lead in headsets sold.

According to Valve's data, Quest 2 owners comprise 22.91% of all SteamVR users, while another 21.58% use a Rift S headset. Oculus also owns another 13.49%, with the original Rift, and Quest headsets added. All told, Oculus is responsible for 57.98% of all VR headsets used on Valve's platform.

HTC has the second-largest install base, with 17.24% of SteamVR users running HTC headsets. The HTC Vive holds the lion's share of HTC's slice of the market with 13.05% of SteamVR users. 2.15% of SteamVR users run a Vive Pro, white 1.04% use a Cosmos and 1% use a Cosmos Elite. From those numbers, it's evident that Oculus is kicking HTC's butt in this industry.

Valve, which only has one VR headset on the market, rounds out third place with 16% of the market. Pimax is barely a blip on the radar with the Pimax 5K Plus, 8K, and Artisan with fewer than 0.5% of the SteamVR users running Pimax headsets.

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