Sony BRAVIA CORE movie service: 'near lossless' 4K Blu-ray streaming

Sony is using its Pure Stream technology, offering 'near lossless' ultra high-def quality, capable of 80Mbps of bandwidth.

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Sony has just unveiled its new family of BRAVIA XR TVs, with a very interesting new feature: its new BRAVIA CORE platform. Check it out:

The new BRAVIA XR TVs will be capable of using the new BRAVIA CORE platform, which will see certain Sony Pictures titles being streamed using Sony's new Pure Stream technology. Sony's new Pure Stream technologies sees "near lossless" 4K Blu-ray disc quality video streamed to your BRAVIA XR TV.

The company says its Pure Stream technology can handle up to 80Mbps, but for Ultra HD streaming quality Sony says you'll need 15-25Mbps of bandwidth. Sony's new BRAVIA CORE feature is available on the new MASTER Series Z9J 8K LED, MASTER Series A90J and A80J OLED, and X95J and X90J 4K LED TVs.

Sony BRAVIA CORE movie service: 'near lossless' 4K Blu-ray streaming 04

Sony will hopefully provide a list of movies that it will have available to stream on its BRAVIA CORE feature, but I'm really hoping Netflix start offering higher bitrate 4K content. I'm sure it's coming, and I would happily pay much more for a higher tier of quality that matches what Sony has here with its BRAVIA XR TV-exclusive BRAVIA CORE technology.

Still, it's impressive to see Sony push this out -- with their new BRAVIA XR TVs also having "the largest IMAX Enhanced movie collection" which is another tick for the BRAVIA XR TV family.

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