Bungie promises new Destiny content will cater to original fans

Bungie's vision for Destiny's evolution is centered around core fans and original players, aims to bring back good old days.

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Lots of original Destiny players have moved on to other games. Bungie has a plan to win then back by catering new content to core fans.

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For a while, Destiny 2 has a rocky road. Bungie has spent tons of time and man-hours righting the ship and focusing more on what core gamers actually want rather than trying to attract new players. This re-focusing is imperative for any live game that loses its way--an inevitable fate for most big online games. Even Destiny 1 went through the same metamorphosis with the The Taken King. With its return to classic areas like the Cosmodrome and soon the Vault of Glass raid, Destiny 2's big new Beyond Light expansion is basically the sequel's The Taken King equivalent.

Now in a recent interview with The Washington Post, Bungie execs re-affirm the studio's commitment to the Destiny faithful.

Bungie didn't reveal specifics on how it would maintain this trajectory towards a more classic-yet-modern experience, but so far the game's lore has afforded jaunts to the past.

Here's how Luke Smith described Destiny 2's original launch focus, reiterating that Destiny 2 was a big reset switch aimed at pulling new players into the fold too.

"The intent behind Destiny 2 was to try to bring in a bunch of new players that we could continue to sustain and support. But ultimately we found that Destiny players are largely Destiny players.

"We had made a thing that didn't appeal to them the same way because we were looking to new players. And that was a tremendous source of disappointment, for us as well as the players. I feel like we had drifted away from a game that I love."

Smith goes on to say that Bungie is 100% committed to reaching out to Destiny veterans and welcoming them home. New players are also welcome: Bungie opened the Destiny franchise up to as many people as possible via the free-to-play New Light version that rolled out earlier this year.

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As someone who played Destiny 1 on PS4 on day one, I can honestly say Destiny 2 still needs some work. There's just too much to do right now, too much to unlock, and a lot of currencies. It's hard to maintain a live game, but I feel a more simplistic approach will bring back old players. There's a distinct Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) with Destiny 2 and I think Bungie needs to address that in order to cajole older players into returning.

"This is a team that is committed to getting it where it needs to be. And I think what the game needs right now as it enters this phase is to reach out to Destiny 1 players and say, 'It's time to come back. Come back home," game director Luke Smith said.

In other Bungie news, the company recently commented on its developer-publisher aspirations and says new projects have been in "incubation" phases for the last 3 years. Bungie plans to release a new IP by 2025, and it should be another live-based experience.

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