Apple's rumored console could battle PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X

Apple rumored to release ARM-based gaming console, would use its A-series silicon to compete against PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X.

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Old school enthusiasts like me will remember Halo started out as an exclusive for the Mac, as Bungie was an Apple developer -- but then Microsoft acquired Bungie and turned Halo into a system seller for a new console at the time... called Xbox.

Apple's rumored console could battle PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X 07

Well, it has been almost 20 years since the original Xbox launched and while Microsoft is months away from releasing the next-gen Xbox Series X console, it's time for some Apple console hype.

According to the latest rumors, Apple is reportedly working on its own ARM-based console according to MaruiQHD on Twitter. Right now Apple has its successful Apple TV 6 powered with its in-house A12X Bionic chip and its own dedicated cooling... so the company isn't too far away from having a console if it was to tap an ARM-based solution.

Apple's rumored console could battle PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X 06

Remember, we had rumors not too long ago about a "gaming-focused" Mac that would cost $5000 and be for the esports market. That was only in December 2019, which might feel like a world away now, but if we are 1-2 years away from an ARM-based Apple console then it could change things in a big way.

Imagine a 'new Halo', a new franchise so good it can launch an entire console around -- Apple could take this very seriously and make some damage to the market as it stands right now.

What are your thoughts on an Apple console?

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