Here's how you can download the System Shock Remastered demo

The demo for System Shock Remastered is available right now on Steam and GOG.

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I can't believe the day is finally here, but the System Shock Remastered demo is finally here. You can download it from Steam and GOG right now.

Nightdive Studios first announced the news of System Shock Remastered back in 2016, where it hit Kickstarter on May 29, 2016. The game had its name changed from "System Shock Remastered" to "System Shock" as they considered the effort the team is putting into the game making it more of a reboot of the original game, versus just a remaster.

The developer has promised that there is "much more System Shock news coming in June", which is right around the corner.

System Shock Remastered started its journey back in 2015, eventually taking $1.35 million in funding from Kickstarter thanks to around 21,600 backers. Nightdive Studios moved from Unity, the graphics engine the team started working on for System Shock Remastered, over to Unreal Engine 4.

But then the team hit a snag in 2018, where development of System Shock had stopped as the team "strayed from the core concepts of the original title". Marketing speak for: hey guys, we ran out of money because feature creep and other issues kicked in.

Here's how you can download the System Shock Remastered demo 01

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