Redundant PSU's in a standard PC case? FSP has that at CES 2020

FSP delivered a real surprise at CES 2020 with their Twins PRO redundant PSU solution which fits into a standard ATX chassis.

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CES 2020 - FSP showed up with several surprises at CES 2020, one being a new dual system chassis while the one we will be discussing today is its new Twins PRO power supply solution.

Redundant PSU's in a standard PC case? FSP has that at CES 2020 01

Here we have it, dual redundant power supplies that happen to fit into a standard ATX/PS2 form factor. This now enables users of home servers built upon standard ATX chassis to have a redundant PSU option and maximum uptime as the units can be hot-swapped while live to replace a unit should it fail.

Redundant PSU's in a standard PC case? FSP has that at CES 2020 02

The Twins PRO units come in three wattages, 500 & 700W units are Gold certified, while the 900W unit is Platinum. The Twins PRO units all have flat ribbon cables for optimal cable management, which is always a plus as the ketchup and mustard cables os most redundant power supply units are less aesthetically pleasing. In reality, the FSP Twins PRO unit could be used for even a gaming workstation where uptime is critical, although it will likely carry a decent price premium over a standard ATX PSU.

This sort of application and making it fit within the standard ATX form factor is exciting as it shows innovation beyond the standard use cases to meet how users utilize some of these devices.

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