Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 details: 100MP camera and 5G support

Expect more details on Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 865 in December.

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Qualcomm doesn't sleep, as it is on a mission to power virtually every single product you touch -- and rightfully so, they kick ass at it. What's next for the San Diego-based giant? The next-gen Snapdragon 865, that's what.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 details: 100MP camera and 5G support | TweakTown.com

The next-gen Snapdragon 865 chip will be making its way into 8848's new Titanium M6 5G smartphone (8848 is a luxury smartphone and watchmaker in China). They've already outed Qualcomm's unannounced Snapdragon 865 SoC, which will reportedly arrive in two different varieties: one with 4G LTE and another with much faster 5G connectivity.

8848's interesting new Titanium M6 5G smartphone rolls out with a 6.01-inch AMOLED display, a huge 12GB of RAM and equally-as-large 1TB of on-board storage. Camera wise, 8848 is throwing in a 64-megapixel camera that will snap 100-megapixel photos thanks to advanced interpolation.

Qualcomm will be hosting its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit in Maui, Hawaii in December where I'm sure we'll be greeted with all of the details on the next-gen SoC.

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