Cyberpunk 2077 world: dynamic weather system with ACID RAIN

CD PROJEKT RED inserts global warming into Cyberpunk 2077, which features dynamic weather system with ACID RAIN.

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The more that CD PROJEKT RED talks about the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the more I want to be dunked into it -- especially the latest about its dynamic weather system.

Cyberpunk 2077 will have a dynamic weather system similar to The Witcher 3, with CDPR to surely build on it and make it even more immersive than ever. In an interview with WCCFTech, CD PROJEKT RED's Alvin Liu said: "Yeah, we've got acid rain as well. Night City is a very polluted city and we're also exploring that kind of stuff, pollution and global warming and everything".

Here's a list of everything we learned from the Q&A:

  • Augmentations - "As a player you can exchange most of your body. You can have legs, arms, spine and have lots of components. You can almost be fully body-converted. But you can't go as far as Maelstrom," said quest designer Pawel Sasko.
  • Dynamic day to night cycles - Night City has a full day-to-night cycle, AI is constantly moving and doing everyday routines.
  • Mission timing - Some missions have to be done at a certain time, players can wait in the world to pass time.
  • Gangs - Several smaller gangs as well as bigger gangs like Maelstrom, the steroid-injecting Animals, and the Haitain-creole Voodoo Boys from the Pacifica district.
  • Emotional storyline - "I really want to make players cry. It means the game left an impression. I hope you will cry," said quest designer Pawel Sasko.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 described in 3 words - Make. Your. Own.
  • Cosmetic customization - Not all augmentations will actually affect combat. Hirosh eyes, for example, translate other languages in the game in real-time.
  • Relation to the table-top RPG - Cyberpunk 2077 is a direct continuation to Mike Pondsmith's Cyberpunk 2077 pen-and-paper RPG, and Pondsmith is working very closely with CDPR to bring the world to life.
  • Is it an RPG or a shooter? - "It's first and foremost an RPG, where you play as V., a mercenary on the streets of Night City, a character that you can fully customize, picking life paths, picking skills and weapons, customizing the body of the character, and living the life in Night City," Sasko said.
  • Weapons and guns - 3 different types of weapons: tech rifles, smart guns that can shoot around corners with target-tracking bullets, and power weapons that can be charged up. All weapons can be customized with mods.
  • RPG mechanics - Backstory you pick in character creator affects player standing with other NPCs and the world. Decisions will have an impact, large or small. Tons of different outcomes at the end based on every infinitesmal decision you've made. "All your choices pile up at the end," said Sasko.
  • Regions - Various regions have different subcultures. Takes place in the California of the future, Westbrook for example, has a high-tech Japanese style. Pacifica is run by the Voodoo Boys, a brutal creole Hatian gang. The City Center will be like a high-tech Times Square with tons of advertisements, huge skyscrapers, flying cars, etc. It's the epicenter of the metropolis nation-state.
  • Mini-games - Night City has various activities like car racing, boxing matches, and shooting ranges to practice your aim.
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