Battlefield V producer: ray tracing in consoles eventually

'Give it a console generation or two' and ray tracing will be a 'standard' according to Battlefield V producer.

Published Sun, Aug 26 2018 10:25 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 11:51 AM CST

NVIDIA unveiled their next-gen GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards last week, with the new Turing GPU architecture capable of real-time ray tracing in games like Battlefield V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Metro Exodus. But Battlefield V in particular looked gorgeous, as you can see in our exclusive video below.

Now we have Battlefield producer David Sirland taking to Twitter to handle some questions about the RTX side of things, with Sirland working on Battlefield 2, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1's Incursions mode. Sirland said that real-time ray tracing is "freaking cool", and that from a "gameplay standpoint it will change a lot of things, so I hope standardization happens fast. I normally could care less about how stuff looks, as it results in worse gameplay".

Sirland continued, tweeting: "But this kind of tech allows us to throw away some of the faked stuff we do now, which is very tricky go get to play right sometimes, simplifies if you will. But, in a few years". He added: "I personally play on low settings, vsync off, no triple buffering - I hear ya. But some of the lighting fixes RT improves on makes things better when it comes to playable shadows and indoors vs outdoors etc".

As for consoles and the standardization of real-time ray tracing, Sirland said: "Yes, of course there are interiors (where it matters for gameplay). Not everywhere, but certainly a bunch of internal spaces. Raytracing? Give it a console generation or two and it's standard I bet".

Battlefield V producer: ray tracing in consoles eventually |

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