Capcom showcase Mega Man 11: Blast/Torch Man projectiles

Capcom has released a short video introducing the volatile duo, Blast Man and Torch Man.

| Jul 27, 2018 at 5:00 am CDT

Capcom are gearing up for the Mega Man 11 release this October, the developers have now taken to their Twitter page to introduce to us Blast Man and Torch Man through a short video.

Back at the start of July, we saw that Capcom released information regarding Blast Man, we know that players will have to avoid on the levels "fireball-launching foes and explosion-prone mini-bots." In regards to the boss Blast Man, we can see from the video that players will have dodge numerous bombs that come from above and some directly at them. Blast Man will also throw out an attack called "chain blast", chain blast will have four separate bombs attached to it and will hone in on the player, evasive maneuvers will be required to dodge this attack. Once Blast Man is defeated players will be rewarded with his weapon attack "chain blast", the weapons has the exact same principals as when Blast Man used it, but instead Mega Man can now use it on enemies.

Jumping into Torch Man, just last week Capcom revealed the boss through another developers blog post. Torch Man will launch repetitive flaming rockets at players that seem to come in sequences of threes, after this he will fly up into the air and fly kick downwards toward the player. Other attacks are in the forms of charging swift kicks and a power up ability that will make him throw flaming crescent circles at your from both sides of the map. Once Torch Man is defeated players will be rewarded with the special weapon "blazing torch." Blazing torch will shoot fire upwards but then will sharply turn at a downwards angle, making it very useful for players that are targeting enemies above them.

Mega Man 11 will be released on October 2nd, it will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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