Seagate introduce Seagate Secure security features

Seagate provide unmatched security for Seagate's new Enterprise Datasphere Fleet.

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Seagate have announced Seagate Secure, a collection of security features that have been integrated with the entirety of Seagate's Enterprise Datasphere Fleet, including Exos hard drives and Nytro SSDs. Seagate Secure ensures ironclad security without comprising performance in a time where cyber-vulnerabilities are rapidly increasing.

Seagate introduce Seagate Secure security features |

Seagate Secure includes premium feature such as instant secure erase, self-encryption technology and tamper-resistant protection, providing ultimate protection for your valuable data .Seagate Secure ensures every drive is compliant with top industry standards for security- Essential and Certified.

Essential standard represents protection that suits most needs, including secure data locking using AES 256 standards, drive locks on power-down, digitally signed firmware with rogue firmware detection and secure boot process.

Certified represents requirements for government or enterprise customers running highly secure, data sensitive services and applications. Certified includes all of Essentials features with increased FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified configuration, neutral third-party evaluation to certify secure IT products and is adopted, recognized by 25 member nations and many other features required to meet regulatory or other requirements.

Seagate Secure will allow customers and partners like system architects, integrators and cloud builders to reduce time and energy previously spent monitoring and diagnosing security concerns, reducing required resources that can be used in other aspects of their business.

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