AMD ThreadRipper: X399, 16C/32T, 64 PCIe lanes and more

AMD returns to the HEDT with ThreadRipper, edging out Intel in a few ways.

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Computex 2017 - AMD might not have Radeon RX Vega anywhere near ready for consumer and gamers' consumption, but that didn't stop them from unleashing their new ThreadRipper CPU at Computex.

AMD ThreadRipper: X399, 16C/32T, 64 PCIe lanes and more |

AMD detailed their new ThreadRipper in Taipei, announcing it has a whopping 16C/32T of CPU performance, 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes (more on why this is the most important part in a minute), quad-channel DDR4 support, and their new X399 chipset for HEDT.

The new X399 chipset supports 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes which is perfect for 2/3/4-way GPU setups (4-way Radeon RX Vega anyone?!) and the world of M.2 SSDs that use those precious PCIe lanes. Not only that, but we have quad-channel DDR4 support with up to 8 x DIMMs on high-end motherboards.

Considering Intel's new X299 chipset only has 44 PCIe lanes, AMD absolutely crushes them when it comes to PCIe connectivity. Intel's highest-end Core i9 processors will only have 44 PCIe lanes, so if you were to have a 2-way GPU setup with x16/x16 you'll only have 12 PCIe lanes left. Throw in a couple of M.2 drives and you're out of PCIe lanes. This won't be a problem with ThreadRipper, however.

AMD's exciting new ThreadRipper CPUs arrive on the TR4 socket with 4094 pins, up to 16C/32T, up to 32MB cache, and will be available in the coming months. We saw a slew of X399-based boards at Computex, with some truly exciting designs on the way.

All we need to see now is the mainstream gaming performance, as Ryzen 7 1800X isn't the best performing processor when it comes to mainstream games against Intel's Core i7-7700K which has half the cores and threads. If AMD can kill it with ThreadRipper and price it at something like $1199 versus the Core i9-7980XE at $1999... we might see a huge change in the CPU market over the next 6-12 months.

Bring it on.

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