Ridley Scott plans to pump out 'Alien' films forever

The veteran director says he has another six films in him.

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While audiences await the incoming 'Alien: Covenant', 79 year old Director Ridley Scott is seemingly open to staying with the franchise for the rest of his career.

Ridley Scott plans to pump out 'Alien' films forever | TweakTown.com

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Scott threatens that "If you really want a franchise, I can keep cranking it for another six. I'm not going to close it down again. No way", referring to the franchise remaining dormant for over 15 years between 1997's 'Alien Resurrection' and 2012's 'Prometheus'. The next film in the series; 'Alien: Covenant' features the return of the classic Xenomorph alien which is set to scare a new generation of film goers. The malevolent android David (Michael Fassbender) will be the only other returning character from 'Prometheus'.

'Alien: Covenant' will hit 3D and 2D cinemas on May 19 2017.

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