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AdBlock Plus launches optional ad filtering system

Instead of blocking ads, AdBlock Plus now wants to work with publishers to make ads less invasive and dangerous.

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AdBlock Plus has launched its new Acceptable Ads Platform, which acts as an optional filter of sorts to let advertisements show up on specific websites.

The Acceptable Ads Platform is now available in beta form, and is described as "an interactive platform that lets publishers and bloggers choose from a marketplace of pre-whitelisted ads that they can drag and drop onto their sites." According to info from AdBlock Plus, you'll be able to turn off the program at any time: "Users can still turn off the Acceptable Ads feature completely if they choose."

"The Acceptable Ads Platform contains ad placements that abide by the Acceptable Ads criteria for size and labeling; and it allows ads to be positioned only in spots deemed appropriate by the Acceptable Ads rules for ad placement. An intuitive drag-and-drop editor gives publishers the ability to place readymade ads directly onto their site in real-time, and be instantly viewable to millions of Adblock Plus users who have agreed to allow non-intrudisve ads to support their favorite websites," reads a recent ABP press release.

What's going on? From where I'm standing, this Acceptable Ads Program looks like a whitelist filter that will allow everyday users to opt in to view ads and support their favorite sites. These ads will be upheld to specific standards, and if publishers/bloggers don't meet the criteria, AdBlock Plus will block them. The ads will be filtered and screened in such a way that apparently safeguards the user. If users can easily turn it on and off at any time, it doesn't seem like it'll affect us too much--it'll be kind of like a Patreon of sorts, only instead of paying content creators, you'll just allow ads on your screen. Of course many would say that this flies totally in the face of what AdBlock Plus was designed to do in the first place, and that the company has been "bought out".

The program is still in its beta phase, so there's no telling if it will stay in its current "optional" state or not. Even still, many have jumped ship to use other ad-blocking software and left AdBlock Plus in the rearview mirror.

Check below to see what counts as an acceptable ad.

What is not considered an Acceptable Ad?

The following types of ads are currently unacceptable *, and cannot be considered for inclusion on the whitelist:

Ads that visibly load new ads if the Primary Content does not change

Ads with excessive or non user-initiated hover effects

Animated ads

Autoplay-sound or video ads

Expanding ads

Generally oversized image ads

Interstitial page ads

Overlay ads

Overlay in-video ads



Pre-roll video ads

Rich media ads (e.g. Flash ads, Shockwave ads, etc.)

* Except when the user intentionally interacts with the ad (e.g. clicks on the ad to see a video ad playing).

AdBlock Plus launches optional ad filtering system |

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