More new Windows 10 features exposed in official roadmap

More previously unannounced Windows 10 features have been revealed via a public roadmap. They speak to an integration of mobile and desktop.

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We already saw at BUILD 2016 that Microsoft has big plans for the future of Windows 10. Preview builds are already gaining the ability to play with Bash and Visual Studio 2016 is looking mighty fine. A new public roadmap points towards some new previously unannounced features that look very interesting.

More new Windows 10 features exposed in official roadmap |

The majority of these new features are business focused and also look to bolster cross-platform connectivity, but it also speaks to a more fluid user experience of the type that Apple has been pioneering. Except here it's a bit more productivity focused and not geared strictly towards consumption of media. It isn't a sign of more mobile devices taking over Windows, but instead of the recognition that we're inherently more mobile in how we interact with technology and this allows us to switch in a way that makes sense. Or potentially it eventually will. Have to start somewhere.

  • Phones will be able to unlock Windows PC's.
  • "Companion devices" such as Microsoft Band 2 and others will be able to unlock a Windows PC.
  • Continuum connected Windows phones will have touch controls on external touch screens.
  • Windows phones with Continuum will support other laptop-like docks.
  • Windows PCs will be able to cast their displays to other Windows PCs.
  • Microsoft Edge will get notification support, even while offline.
  • Cortana notifications will finally show up in the Action Center.
  • Windows apps will gain a new "picture-in-picture" type mode.
  • Improvements are being made to Windows Ink for taking notes.
  • Windows Defender is making a comeback with better protection.

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