New Fallout 4 glitch lets you rack up infinite bottlecaps

A money-making glitch surfaces in Fallout 4, giving gamers much-needed caps.

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Fallout 4 has only been out for two days now, but gamers are busily deconstructing its layered surfaces and cataloging exploits. Just like every Bethesda game, Fallout 4 has an infinite money glitch that users are exploiting to rack up caps pretty fast.

The glitch is actually pretty easy to do, and involves buying and reselling ammo from vendors. After spending countless hours exploiting the Talking Mudcrab Merchant in Morrowind, I'm not surprised that the money bug is built around bartering. The glitch is a step-by-step process, and the video tutorial above shows off five different parts. First off you'll want to buy out any one specific type of ammo from the vendor, then sell back a single round. After that go ahead and sell back the remaining rounds. Selling it separate stacks makes a single round glitch out and stay in your inventory so you can keep selling it over and over.

To do this glitch you want to start off with a high-earning round, like .308 rounds. I'm curious to see if this works with Mini-Nukes or not. Those atomic explosives are worth quite a bit and you could clean out any merchant in no time flat. Apparently the glitch also works with other types of ammo. Remember that every merchant's cap stash replenishes every 24 hours, so you can go to Diamond City, clean out the merchants, sleep for a day, and repeat.

If you're playing on PC the glitch is pretty much useless since you can just enter the simple player.additem 0000000f console command and make it rain bottlecaps. This one is for console owners who need some extra dough, or had their eye on a Champion plate or exotic weapon. Use this one while it lasts, as Bethsoft is bound to completely patch the glitch...especially since everyone's writing about it.

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New Fallout 4 glitch lets you rack up infinite bottlecaps 1

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