Intel unveils new Optane brand at IDF 2015

Intel launches a new brand of memory hardware powered by its next-gen 3D XPoint flash memory.

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At IDF 2015 Intel has revealed Optane Technology, a new hardware brand built around its new XPoint high-performance 3D flash memory.

Intel unveils new Optane brand at IDF 2015 1

Intel's new XPoint-powered Optane hardware is planned for a release in 2016, marketed across an array of form factors including standard SSD's and will even be compatible with Xeon systems via DIMM. Intel affirms that the high-density Optane tech isn't just a conventional storage solution and can be used to help power and optimize datacenter servers and Xeon workstations that require low-latency and high-bandwidth performance.

Last month Intel shed light on the next-generation Xpoint (pronounced Crosspoint) 3D memory with an number of impressive specs; since its 10X more dense than traditional SSD's, Xpoint boasts speeds up to 1,000 faster than traditional NAND storage and offers a whopping 10TB+ in SSD storage capacities (Samsung has already hit 16TB SSD's with its own 3D memory solution).

Intel unveils new Optane brand at IDF 2015 2

To demonstrate the performance gains from Optane tech, Intel demoed an Optane SSD connected via PCIe against the P3700, the current best conventional SSD it produces. The results were quite eye-opening to say the least: at low queue depth the Optane SSD hit an Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) performance rate of 7.2X that of the P3700, whereas the Optane's high queue depth results rendered a result of 5.21 times that of the P3700.


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