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Using Snapchat whilst speeding is never a good idea, here's an example

Selfies while driving ends in carnage as young Spaniards total a car whilst using Snapchat and speeding

By: Chris Smith from Jul 23, 2015 @ 6:32 CDT

One young girl was reminded 'the hard way' as to why using your mobile phone whilst driving is never a good idea. Lead off with a Snapchat captioned "Cuzidoooo," it was all smiles as another 'snap' followed showing a speedometer sitting at "180" kilometers per hour (over 110 miles per hour).


The smiles were swiftly removed as Snapchat was instantly informed of this Spanish woman looking for "Socorroooo," or 'Help' in English. Next up came a picture of a totaled car and some friends visiting in hospital.


This story not only helps illustrate that using your mobile whilst driving is certainly dangerous, it helps remind people exactly what can go wrong if you do so. Even more interestingly is the fact that this person took to Snapchat seemingly before all other means, aiming to inform the world of her blunders before dialing for emergency services.


There has been no word about the male passenger - if you have any information please contact me directly so the story can be updated at [email protected]


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