Sapphire supes up the EDGE-HD with second iteration

Crams in a bit more power, storage and features.

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We really loved what the first iteration of Sapphire's EDGE-HD mini PC had to offer when checking it out around the time of launch. It was small, light, offered great performance with effortless HD playback and came in at a great price.

Sapphire supes up the EDGE-HD with second iteration |

Fast forward near on five months later and Sapphire has introduced a revised, updated iteration of the unit, now dubbed the EDGE-HD2. While the unit itself looks much the same, running the same slim dimensions as the first and weighing in at a mere 530 grams, it packs a faster Atom 1.8GHz D525 processor for a start.

Further to the faster CPU, it sports a larger 320GB HDD (vs the 250GB on the original), 2GB of RAM, NVIDIA ION 2 GPU with 512MB VRAM, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, a couple USB 2.0 ports, card reader, D-Sub and HDMI outputs.

This little powerhouse consumes less than 30W at full load, so it's quite an attractive option for those that find it easier just to leave the unit connected to the TV and running 24 / 7. Sapphire gives the option of purchasing with Windows 7 Ultimate or FreeDOS pre-installed.

Pricing is said to be a little steep off the bat, with the Windows 7 packed variant coming in a little over €350 in Europe.

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