Which CPU and GPU should I buy for triple-screen iRacing gaming rig?

Marty is building a new PC gaming rig for playing iRacing on a triple-monitor 55' setup at 1080p and 120Hz.

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I'm new to PC. I will be running triple 55in monitors at 1080p and 120Hz, and I want to have all the settings on high for iRacing.

What do I need to get? I don't want to over-buy but sure don't want to under-do it as well. I was looking at a Ryzen 9 5900 with an RTX 3090, but that's a lot of power lol; I'm disabled now, so this is my new hobby. I have been iRacing for about a year now. Thx for your time.

Hi Marty,

First, welcome to PC gaming! I, too, enjoy iRacing from time to time. I assume you have a pretty nice wheel setup to be wanting to take this leap to three 55" panels?

Which CPU and GPU should I buy for triple-screen iRacing gaming rig? 1

That said, iRacing isn't too graphic intensive, so you can get by with some modest hardware. Since you mentioned the 5900X for your CPU, I won't say that's a bad choice, but you can get by with a lesser CPU. iRacing recommends a six-core CPU. This means you could save some money and pick up the 5600X, usually around $300. If you are open to switching your platform to Intel, the 11600K can be had $269.

As for the graphics card, RTX 3090 or 6900XT will be the best on the market right now. Both are also going to cost you a fortune to get. As I mentioned above, iRacing doesn't require that. To utilize the 120Hz refresh rate, you will still want some power behind those monitors, so I'm going to say, based on my research, you'll want to be in the area of an RTX 2070-2080 or RTX 3070-3080.

With the 120Hz, do check the interface your monitors use, some will only do a higher refresh on display port, and in that case, you will want to make sure the RTX variant you choose has the ports.

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