Drop in FPS when playing Call of Duty: Warzone, what is wrong?

Aiden from the USA is having issues with gaming performance in Call of Duty: Warzone, we try to assist.

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I just started playing COD Warzone and this is the first game that I feel a real drop in frames. I have been using task manager performance to try to see what's going on with my system, but it doesn't really explain anything.

Is there any software that might do a better job telling me what's going on when I'm gaming? Do I need to upgrade my 1080 Ti?

Hi Aiden,

You are going to want to download a utility like MSI Afterburner. Once it is installed, do a quick reboot and run it. It should show you your 1080 Ti core and memory clocks along with temperature on the main page along with the NVIDIA driver version towards the bottom.

Drop in FPS when playing Call of Duty: Warzone, what is wrong? 1

From here we are going to hit the gear icon middle left of the app and it should open a menu. Tab over to monitoring and run through the list of hardware monitors by clicking on them and then just below the window tick the box that says "show in OSD'.

For starters we want to know what the CPU and GPU are doing when gaming so let's put GPU Temp and usage in the OSD along with CPU clock and usage. You can add temperatures for each component to the OSD as well.

From here you just need to run Warzone and watch the temps and usage of the CPU/GPU; most of the load should be on the GPU likely 90-100% at all times. The CPU will likely bounce around from 60-90% usage. Also watch temps, I think current gen Intel CPUs are good to 90c and NVIDIA GPUs around the same. If things are getting to hot it can certainly cause a throttling situation.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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