I have 2 x SAPPHIRE R9 270X Vapor-X cards, what should I upgrade to?

What upgrade path is there from a Crossfire setup of 2 x SAPPHIRE R9 270Xs?

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What GPU should I upgrade to? I use 2 Vapor-X R9 270X's and I don't know what card I should upgrade to. Should I even upgrade my GPU's?

Hey there Michael,

First off - "should you even upgrade your GPUs"... that's up to you. If you are itching to upgrade your GPU setup, then do it. If you've got the money, why not? You could sell your two cards and partly fund your upgrade, too. But the bigger question is what should you upgrade to?

I have 2 x SAPPHIRE R9 270X Vapor-X cards, what should I upgrade to? | TweakTown.com

The 2 x SAPPHIRE R9 270X Vapor-X cards are a potent setup in Crossfire, so I would recommend upgrading to something of equivalent power - but a single-GPU solution. The new Radeon R9 390 is a great alternative, as it'll offer more performance than what you have now - with less power being consumed, and less heat output. The R9 390 can be found for around the $300-$350 mark on Amazon and Newegg, which isn't too bad at all.

You'll also get the 8GB framebuffer that the R9 390 rocks, so you'll be perfect for the games coming out in 2016 and beyond. The speed increase from your R9 270X CF setup will be noticed, greatly, where you should be doing 1080p at 60FPS without a problem, and even 1440p at 60FPS+ and some 4K gaming if you've got the display or TV that supports that resolution.

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