Does NVIDIA's SLI technology improve Blu-ray playback at all?

Does my NVIDIA SLI setup improve my Blu-ray playback?

Question by Vipin from India | Answered by in Video Cards on Sun, Jul 20 2014 10:29 PM CDT

By using NVIDIA's SLI technology, will I notice any improvement in my video quality for Blu-ray rips? On fast scenes, it appears as though I'm missing something on the screen, with my monitors refresh rate of 60Hz. I'm using the NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 GPU.

If SLI technology helps improve the video playback, can you tell me what I have to do to get it performing better?

Hi Vipin,

I would say that the problem you're experiencing is due to your machine - maybe software, or your CPU not able to keep up. Your question is cryptic, so I'm going to presume that you're getting a fRAMe rate drop during intense/fast moving scenes.

Does NVIDIA's SLI technology improve Blu-ray playback at all? |

This could be due to the Blu-ray rip you're using, have you tried a genuine Blu-ray?

Secondly, your monitor refreshes at 60Hz, or 60 times per second, while your Blu-ray movies (no matter if it's a rip, or a genuine image or Blu-ray disc) run at 24Hz, or 24FPS. So it would have nothing to do with your monitor, or its refresh rate.

If it doesn't happen on all movies, and just during the intense/fast moving scenes, I would try a different movie file to see if it happens. I'm presuming you're using .mkv files, so maybe try an .avi file to see if there's still a problem. You could also try downloading a codec pack, or if you have one, an alternative codec pack.

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