How do I create a new Gmail account?

Can you point me in the direction of how to create a new Gmail account?

Question by Bob from United States | Answered by in Software on Tue, Apr 22 2014 12:21 AM CDT

How do I make a new Gmail aDDRess/account?

Hi Bob,

I think the problem here is that you aren't signing out of your current Gmail account, so there's no option to create a new account. There's two options here: sign out of your current account, and then visit, or if you're using Chrome, you can use Incognito mode to create a new account.

How do I create a new Gmail account? |

Once you've done either of those options, visit and you'll be greeted with the screen above. Click on "Create an account" and you'll go through the steps to create yourself a new Gmail account! If you run into any troubles, send us through another Ask the Experts question and we'll walk you though.

Last updated: Nov 3, 2020 at 07:10 pm CST

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