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HIS world's first with Radeon HD 7970 X2 video card at Computex

Computex 2012 - Around about an hour ago HIS showed off its brand new AMD Radeon HD 7970 X2 video card to a select group of media including TweakTown.




This is as far as we know the world's first dual GPU Radeon 7970 video card. The sample we were shown is an engineering sample and it still a little while off going on sale, but it shouldn't be too far away. With AMD's Radeon HD 7990 not all that far away, HIS would want to speed things up and deliver their X2 to the market as soon as possible.




The video card features a new and improved IceQ X2 cooler to cool the two onboard GPUs. The cooler is massive, one of the biggest we've seen for a while and that's saying a lot with the latest batch of video cards hitting the market with big and impressive coolers. The cooler will take up three slots, but obviously offer a crazy amount of performance.




There are a total of three 8-pin power connectors and on the I/O side of things there are four mini DisplayPort connectors and a single DVI.

ASUS shows off their MATRIX HD 7970 GPU

Computex 2012 - ASUS had a few amount of goodies to show off at their Republic of Gamers event, with the AMD-based MATRIX HD 7970 GPU. In usual ROG and MATRIX fashion, this card kicks some serious ass for those serious benchers and gamers. Sporting some very nice features, it can rule your game, as ASUS put it.






The MATRIX HD 7970 features VGA Hotwire, which lets you accurately read and control voltages all at the hardware level, backed up with TweakIt which offers real-time voltage adjustment and full-speed fan cooling, all at the press of a button. DIGI+ VRM with 20-phase Super Allow Power technology is featured on the MATRIX HD 7970 which delivers 'superior efficiency, reliability and performance'. Lastly, GPU Tweak utility can be used to tune those clock speeds, fan performance, GPU load line, PWN frequency and voltages, all from a swanky UI.




The center of the MATRIX HD 7970 is the GPU itself, AMD's GraphicsCore Next-based Radeon HD 7970, featuring 3GB of RAM on a 256-bit wide bus. Cooling is the usual MATRIX-featured DirectCU II which should keep the card nice and chilled under hardcore conditions. 3 or 4 of these in CFX would be quite the sight to behold. Nice work, ASUS.





MSI's NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 680 Lightning video card smiles for us on camera

Computex 2012 - Yesterday we managed to sneak into the Nangang hall at Computex and what follows is first of the many exclusives we managed to find during the Day 0 setup of Computex.




We walked around the hall as everyone was busy setting up for the show and our first stop we walked into the MSI booth where on display was their upcoming NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 680 Lightning video card. It features some wicked MSI workmanship including an unlocked BIOS to disable everything, that is all the protections that hinder overclocking and allow you to go for your life. Things such as disabling Over Current Protection, disabling Active Phase Switching and an increased power range limit is included.




Not only that but the GTX 680 Lightning features a digital PWM controller along with what MSI calls an enhanced power design which allows for "2X power output for maximum OC potential".


A lot of this comes down to the amazing cooling that is featured on the 680 Lightning along with all of the quality parts and components that go onto MSI video cards such as this one. Enjoy the exclusive pictures above - in the image above you can see two of the video cards running in SLI to power a demo of an upcoming benchmark for Windows 8, but we cannot show you that until a little later.

Leaked shot of MSI's GEFORCE GTX 660, should arrive in time for Computex

We know that NVIDIA are set to unleash the GK104-powered GEFORCE GTX 660, which should arrive during Computex in Taipei next week. Until then, we have to look at a photoshopped picture of the card itself.




VR-Zone reports that they've checked with their sources, and the product is indeed, legit. The top left of the card has a photoshopped 6-pin PCI-e power connector highlighting that it only draws up to 150W and no more, which is a great sign for power-conscious gamers.


If the GTX 660 pulls just 150W of power, NVIDIA have done a great thing with Kepler. Gone are the days that Fermi splashed out on your wallet sucking down all that juice on your rig, less than 150W of power on a mid-range card like this is great.


We should have more news, in-person, at Computex next week.

GTX 690 overclocked to world record 1547MHz by TiN using LN2

Extreme cooling is a must for any sort of extreme overclocking. Kingpin cooling looks to provide the solution with liquid nitrogen heatsinks designed for extreme overclocking. Using said heatsinks, overclocking expert managed to take a GTX 690 all the way up to 1547MHz which I believe is a new world record.




Originally he had tried for 1600MHz but it wasn't stable so he backed it off to the final speed of 1547MHz. He also managed to take the effective RAM speed all the way up to 7336MHz. Of course, he couldn't just achieve the clocks without running some benchmarks, so that's what he did. After a run of 3DMark 11, we saw some impressive results.


With the help of a 3960X running at 4.5GHz, TiN managed a whopping 20962 points. This is basically double the score of a stock clocked card. To match this score, one would need to use two AMD HD 7970s clocked at 1260/7400 MHz or two GTX 680s at 1527/7132. What an incredible card. It'll be interesting to see how the upcoming dual-Tahiti chip will perform in comparison.

Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 X2 Devil 13 details surface, uses a triple slot cooler

It would seem that PowerColor is the first GPU manufacturer to spill the beans on the upcoming 7970 X2. The new GPU will be based upon two 7970 Tahiti cores, which is the top chip made by AMD. This card is being designed to compete with the NVIDIA GTX 690, which is the current king of the video cards.




The new GPU will be cooled by PowerColor's new monster Vortex III. This new cooler was designed specifically for the new Devil 13 7970 X2 and is huge as you can see by the picture above. It features three fans blowing onto a massive heatsink and takes up 3 slots, as seen by the picture of the backplate.


The new GPU is adorned in red and black and looks beautiful. But it's not all about beauty as the card appears to have some monster stats to go along with the beauty. It will feature a total of 4096 stream processors across the two chips and have a total of 6GB of memory available. The cores will be clocked at 1GHz and require a ton of power. The card is outfitted with three 8-pin PCIe power connectors and has a TDP of 525 watts. The card should make an appearance at Computex early next month. More should be known then.

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NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 expected in July or August, based on GK106 architecture

We talked about NVIDIA prepping two more GPUs, but at the time we thought they'd be GK104-based. New reports have surfaced, where it might seem like the GEFORCE GTX 660 would be a GK106-based part.




The GTX660 based on the GK106 architecture would sport 768 CUDA cores, 4 SMXs, 64 texture units, 2GB of memory with an interface of 256-bit. Pricing isn't too bad, where we should expect the GTX 660 to hit $349 or so. But, in this market, with this much competition, is that too muhc to pay?


Would you grab one of these GPUs at $349? Or would you be looking at something from Team Red if you were getting into the $350-ish territory? Thoughts?

PowerColor show off Vortex III cooling solution, sports 3 fans

ASUS and ZOTAC have already been here, whizzing by with triple-slot, triple-fan GPU cooled cards. PowerColor are the next ones out of the gate, showing off a triple-slot, triple-fan GPU cooling solution in the form of Vortex III.




Vortex III will be slapped onto the company's upcoming Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition. The teaser picture gives us an idea of what to expect, where we can see the black and red color scheme, black-colored PCB, it takes up three slots, sports three fans, and a large aluminum fin heatsink below them.


PowerColor will most likely show off Vortex III-powered GPUs at Computex in just over a weeks time, we will be on-hand with our new competition winner, Roshan.

RumorTT: NVIDIA Kepler cards suffering from fatal flaw, could see recall

It appears that TSMC and NVIDIA disagree whether or not NVIDIA's new Kepler architecture has a fatal flaw or not. On one had, we are hearing reports from TSMC that the new Kepler video card "chips may be suffering from serious performance degradation over long periods of heavy load" and could be the cause of a future recall by NVIDIA.




On the other hand, NVIDIA is saying all is fine. Bryan Del Rizzo, spokesman for NVIDIA stated, "There is no truth to this." NVIDIA denies that there will be any sort of recall over this report from TSMC. NVIDIA has, however, not provided any further details other than the previous statement denying that there is an issue.


EVGA has already had to recall all of their GTX 670 SC cards due to a hardware issue, so the idea of a recall could be correct. Is this the hardware fault that has caused the recall? Additionally, this could be the reason that the 670/680/690 are not in stock anywhere, even after TSMC promised NVIDIA a majority of its manufacturing resources.


A company can't keep a major hardware flaw secret for long as a mass amount of users would take to the internet with stories of the problems they are having. I imagine there is at least some truth to this report and it will come out soon enough. Let's not forget the bumpgate scandal where NVIDIA held off for as long as possible from admitting a design flaw to avoid compensating affected customers.

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 680M mobile GPU to wave the green flag at Computex is reporting that NVIDIA is set to launch their flagship mobile GPU based on the Kepler architecture during Computex in Taipei next month. The NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 680M is not a full GK104 Kepler GPU, nor does it even sport half of the CUDA cores of its desktop version.




The GEFORCE GTX 680M features just 744 CUDA cores, with some listings showing the GPU to have 768 cores, so this should be confirmed during Computex itself. Are you wearing socks? You mighr want to take them off in advance so they don't get blown off: the GPU has much higher GDDR5 memory capacity of.. 4096MB! 4GB of RAM on a notebook-based GPU!




It shares the desktop model's memory interface of 256-bit, and rumors swirling around put its power consumption at 100W. The chip is a second revision of N13E-GTX 680M chip - A2 silicon. The card will support SLI (!) and of course, DirectX 11.1. Performance numbers, that's what we all want, right? We're looking at it being 37-percent than the GEFORCE GTX 670M, with the first leaked benchmark coming from a Chinese website. The GPU hits 4,905 points in 3DMark 11's Performance Preset.

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