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CoolIT's XO2 fully water-cooled concept PC overclocks well

CES 2010 - CoolIT were showing off its second concept PC at CES this year with the XO2 fully water-cooled concept design.


This system was one of the more impressive things we saw this year here in Las Vegas. In the size of a case that resembles a small home theater system, CoolIT's CEO told us that it was the most overclocked system that they had on display at their booth.


The XO2 implements a full water cooled design that cools all the main components of the system and allows high performance in a smaller form factor than usual. The system is also completely silent, which is something that many consumers enjoy. Watch our video below as Geoff Lyon tells us all about it.


Also at the end of the video we get a short introduction to an impressive AVADirect system that was also on display that makes use of CoolIT cooling technology.



Keep in mind that CoolIT doesn't actually sell this system, but it's a good design to have on display to let system builders and other folks know what is possible.


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The Overclocker Magazine - Issue 8 now online

In its final issue for the year, online based computer magazine "The Overclocker" has just come online for your reading pleasure.




Some highlights of the coverage throughout Issue 8 include the following :-


- We look at Gigabyte and Asus' revolutionary love OC contests
- We interview, world number one overclocker, AndreYang
- We find out about the folk at and, erm, Poland.
- Our benching team review some of the greatest recent hardware... including MARS vs 5970 vs GTX 295!


And that's far from all of it. So if you're looking to get a bit of extra reading in over the quiet xssy break, look no further and catch up on all the latest happenings in the enthusiast PC/overclocking realm with Issue 8 of The Overclocker.


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ASUS Upcoming Product - ROG Connect allows on-the-fly Overclocking

EXCLUSIVE - Last Friday we visited the ASUS headquarters here in Taipei and got a look at some of their upcoming products.


Our fourth and final preview from the ASUS visit was a look at the upcoming Maximus III Extreme motherboard based on the Intel P55 Express chipset.




The exciting part of this preview was not so much the motherboard itself, but one of the key selling point features that it includes. You may or may not have heard about it, but ROG (Republic of Gamers) Connect is an interesting inclusion to the Extreme model that allows overclocking and BIOS adjustments on-the-fly from another system.


ROG Connect uses a special provided USB cable that runs from a specific ROG Connect USB port on the I/O panel of the motherboard and hooks up to another computer running Windows. ASUS, of course, had an Eee PC netbook running the ROG Connect "RC Tweak It" application and it operated just fine.


In the video we uploaded below, one of the product managers at ASUS started running 3DMark Vantage and then proceeded to mildly overclock the CPU via the Eee PC netbook. As you'll see, you can also do other things such as monitor real-time current and voltages.



Very interesting indeed. This is probably going to bring up an issue for Futuremark as far as I can see, as since ROG Connect overclocks on the fly and separate from the system running the benchmark, cheating could possibly occur. ASUS also intends to showcase its ROG Connect Bluetooth (RCB) at CES next month, which allows the same type of operation except on certain mobile phones over a Bluetooth connection.


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ASUS Upcoming Product - Radeon HD 5850 Voltage Tweak Overclocking

EXCLUSIVE - Last Friday we visited the ASUS headquarters here in Taipei and got a look at some of their upcoming products.




Our third item of viewing during our visit to ASUS was their upcoming ATI Radeon HD 5850 Voltage Tweak video card.


Using the ASUS Smart Doctor video card overclocking software, we saw just how far an ASUS Radeon HD 5850 Voltage Tweak can be overclocked by making adjustments to how much juice the GPU is getting.


Just how far though? Hit play on the video below and find out as we take a closer look.



It does seem as if this will be one video card to keep an eye out for.


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MSI overclocking competition offers $7,500 in prizes

Asus is certainly a popular maker of computer hardware and netbooks. MSI has perhaps the coolest mainboard for enthusiasts that is available called the Big Bang Fusion. This is the board that allows you to mix and match video card models and brands and still get all the performance from your machine.




MSI has announced that it is holding an overclocking contest and each week one winner will be chosen and given a new Big Bang mainboard. The competition is the MSI Xtreem Speeder P55 global online overclocking competition. The contest is being run with the overclocking site HWBOT.


The contest will run for four weeks starting on November 15 and finish on December 13. The competition is restricted to users with the MSI P55 mainboard and a regular retail Lynnfield CPU. That means none of those Engineering samples you might have lying around can be used. Benchmarks include accumulated scores of the CPU-Z, SuperPI 32M and Wprime 32M test suits.


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GIGABYTE wind up the P55 OverclocKing and 10K challenges

GIGABYTE have fired up two new challenges lined for overclockers this month; the P55 Overclocking Challenge and 10K challenge.


With regard to the P55 Overclocking Challenge, as long as you have a P55 based setup with a Core i5 or i7 processor ready to be clocked through the roof, you can enter and compete for the overall "OverclocKing" title.




The top three overall 3DMark 06 scorers worldwide on a GIGABYTE P55 motherboard will be crowned OverclocKing, along with some pretty amazing hardware loot from GIGABYTE, Antec, Kingmax, GlacialTech and Enermax. There will also be a weekly lucky draw for contestants entered in the OverclocKing challenge, with winners receiving a GIGABYTE motherboard.


Further to that is the 10K Challenge in which anyone with an Intel chipset based motherboard can participate in. The aim is to be one of the first three people to get a 3DMark score of exactly 10,000 under any version of 3DMark. If you can pull that off successfully, you'll find yourself with a bunch of goodies from GIGABYTE, Antec, Kingmax, GlacialTech and Enermax.


If you manage to get exactly 10K but don't make the cut for the first three, it's still worth submitting your score to GIGABYTE as you'll then be placed into a lucky draw at the end of the comp to be in with a chance for one of GIGABYTE's latest motherboards.


For full details on both competitions, you can read up on the full announcement here.


If you'd like to head straight over to the official competition page to enter, click here.


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MSI's P55 Online Overclocking Competition winds up

MSI, together with HWBOT's support are hosting the Xtreme Speeder MSI P55 Online Overclocking Competition from November 15 through December 13 and MSI are being mighty generous with the prizes on offer.




MSI breaks the competition into three categories for overclockers to attempt domination in; these being CPU-Z, SuperPi 32M and Wprime 32M. The top three overall overclockers will walk away with USD 2000, 1500 and 1000 respectively, whilst the champion from each category will earn him/herself USD 1000 plus the chance to pick up another 500 if the world record is broken.




Further information about the competition and other prizes up for grabs can be found within the official PR here. The official competition page with further information and details on how to enter can be found here.


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Australia now leading the Team Standings in the F1OC

The team standings right now in F1OC - The Ultimate Overclocking Contest are shaping up very nicely for us Australians. For those of you that aren't aware, F1OC is a brand new contest that pits the world's best computer hardware and world's best overclockers against each other. You can get to all the latest information and event updates on the official website here.


Now for the good stuff :-




Yeeeeeah, fantastic going Australia. Keep up with the excellence!


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Issue 7 of The Overclocker now online

Issue 7 of The Overclocker magazine is now available online for your reading pleasure. In usual fashion, this month's issue is jam packed with fresh goodies including the following:


1) Exclusive interview with world reknowned overclocker 'Elmor' of Overclockers Australia
2) Benching with the stars - dinos22 of OCAU breaks SuperPi 32M world record
3) MOA 2009 Coverage - MSI's World Championship Final


And much much more!




Head over here to catch all the action of The Overclocker - Issue 7 folks.


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GIGABYTE's GA-P55-UD6 fares well in the F1 OC P55 challenge

A press release from GIGABYTE today details a world record win at the F1 OC P55 challenge. The WR result was under SuperPi 32M using an Intel Core i7 870 CPU and GIGABYTE's GA-P55-UD6 motherboard. As a proud Australian, I'm happy to report this achievement was made by Team Australia. 13 teams from differing countries competed in the event, running from 1-30 September.




GIGABYTE are also happy to report that the Indonesian team were using GIGABYTE's GA-P55-UD6 as well and managed to come in third place.


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