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Google CR-48 laptop gets the Ubuntu treatment

I'm sure most of you figured that Google's CR-48 laptop wouldn't be around long before the Chrome OS was kicked aside for something different. It looks like Linux fans are the first to see their OS on the CR-48.




The developer switch hidden inside the laptop opens up the laptop for Ubuntu installation, although the developers were nice enough to let the Chrome OS hang around for dual boot fun. The handy walkthrough guide to getting Ubuntu on the CR-48 is here; check out the short demo video after the break.


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Deal of the Day: ThinkPad T410 with Core i7 and 4GB of Memory for $1061! ThinkPad T510 for $919 and X201 for $1039

Our Deal of the Day today is the Lenovo US (ThinkPad) - ThinkPad T410 with Core i7 and 4GB of Memory for $1061! ThinkPad T510 for $919 and X201 for $1039.


Offer: The three laptops for today's deal all ship for FREE (express) and all have 4GB of memory along with an Intel Core i5 or i7 prcoessor. If you're looking for a 14" loaded laptop, the T410 is the one to look at today. 15.6"? Pick the T510 laptop. Portability is what you want? The favorites among many, the ThinkPad X201. The ecoupons do expire today though so hop to it. Expires 12/13/10.




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HP and Rossignol team up for special edition notebooks

It rarely snows in my part of Texas so we have nothing in the way of winter sports here. For the most part, we stay in the 50-degree range during the winter with sub-freezing temperatures only at nights and during the day for a few days. That means we aren't familiar with companies that make skis and such for the most part. If you live where it gets cold and snows or if you like to travel where you can ski you probably know the Rossignol name.




Rossignol makes skis and other winter sports gear. It and HP have teamed up for some special edition notebooks that have artwork that are featured on some of its cool ski gear. The ladies can get the Attraxion design and the guys get the S7 design. Under the hood, both of the machines are your average Pavilion DV6 notebooks.


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GelaSkin offers new protective and cool skins for MacBook Airs

GelaSkins has been making skins for all sorts of notebooks and other devices like smartphones for a while now. The skins have some cool images and artwork on them and they protect your device for scratches in addition to making the notebook look better. If you are the owner of one of the new MacBook Air ultraportables GelaSkins has announced that it now has offerings to fit your notebook.




The skins are offered for the 11-inch Air and the 13-inch Air. You can choose for a bunch of different styles ranging from art to abstracts. My favorite skins are the Frank Miller ones that show Spartans from 300. Some of the designs are a bit creepy as well.


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Engadget gets hands on new Google CR-48 chrome laptop

Anytime a new OS and a new notebook show up, you have our interest. When Google outted the Chrome Cr-48 notebook we wanted to know just how the thing works and the geeks over at Engadget have laid hands on the device to give us an idea. The machine looks a lot like the hoards of netbooks and ultraportable on the market and reminds me particularly of some of the newer Asus machines.




The entire device is made from a matter black plastic with a rubberized finish. The notebook is 0.9-inches thick and weighs in at 3.6 pounds according to Google. The rig has VGA out, USB port, and a headphone jack along with a SD card reader all built-in. The keyboard is the common chicklet style and it looks good with correctly located keys and nice size shift keys.


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Google fishing for beta testers of their Chrome OS notebook

In the interest of helping out my fellow tech junkies instead of making my odds better of scoring one of these myself, here's the lowdown on how to get yourself in the running for Google's recently announced CR-48 laptop that will be used to beta test their new Chrome OS.




The process is pretty simple. Visit Google's application site, fill out a bunch of stuff about yourself and how you'll use the laptop if you're lucky enough to get one, and push send. You can even upload a video to tell Google how awesome a beta tester you would be. It was reported yesterday that 60,000 of these were shipped to Google by the manufacturer, but there's probably a good percentage set aside for Google employees and such. It's still not bad odds, so get your thinking cap on, click that Source Link, and apply today! Applications close December 21st.


Unreleased Alienware M17x pictured running next-gen Intel Sandy Bridge chip

Intel doesn't pull the curtain back on Sandy Bridge until next month, but production on products has been underway for a little while now and various products are leaking out with the new chips inside.




Enter, Alienware M17x. Benchmarks are looking good with 3DMark 06 results showing 2GHz Core i7-2630QM machine running Intel's integrated graphics scored 15,940, while a 2.2GHz i7-2720QM with AMD Radeon HD 6900M graphics scoring 20,155 marks, and a 2.3GHz i7-2820QM chip paired with a GeForce GTX 460M GPU did 16,957.


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iPad 2 inbound in February says rumor

The Apple iPad is selling in droves and is taking a bunch of sales away from the computer market. The wild popularity of the tablet has meant that for a while it was very hard to find. Now that production has ramped up the iPad is easy to find in all sorts of locations. The tablet is selling very well and as Apple fans are apt to do, new rumors are already swirling about the next installment of the iPad dubbed the iPad 2.




According to the rumor, the iPad 2 will be landing at the end of February of 2011. The rumor also claims that Foxconn will have in the area of 400,000 to 600,000 iPad 2 units ready to ship at that time. To add a rumor within a rumor the source cited by Redmond Pie claims that the iPad 2 was supposed to land in January, but firmware testing has pushed the launch to February.


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Chinese netbook looks a lot like the Dell Inspiron duo

The most obvious design feature of the Dell Inspiron Duo netbook is the cool swiveling screen that the convertible netbook uses to go into tablet or netbook mode. When you have a device that has an interesting feature like that, you can bet that other companies will tray and make something similar. The little machine isn't pure duo knockoff though; it has some other elements to its design too.




The machine has a smallish 8.9-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600. It also has a webcam for recording video, runs Windows 7, and has a 7.4V battery with 3000mAh of power. The little netbook also uses 1GB of RAM and has a 20GB HDD.


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Mac App Store coming on December 13 says rumor

The best part about the iPhone and the iPad is the huge number of apps for all different uses on the App Store. You can find things to make work better along with games and apps for just about anything else. We already know that Apple is planning an App Store for Mac users but when the announcement of the store was made, there was no indication given on how long it would take.




According to AppleTell an inside source has told the publication that Apple is targeting December 13 for the launch of the Mac App Store. The source claims that Jobs and crew had told devs to have software ready to go as early as today, but that launch is not going to happen today is seems. Apple is still mum on an official launch date.


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