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Duke Nukem Forever Game Play video Leaked

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With the announcement that 3D Realms was closing their doors a sadness fell on the gaming community. That sadness was never seeing Duke Nuken ever again.


No one knows for certain if anyone will buy out the rights to the long overdue game. But there are many that certainly hope it will happen.


To add to the hysteria a trailer that supposedly shows real game play has popped up on the Internet. There is no verification of its authenticity but it certainly does look cool.


Duke Nukem Game Play video Leaked


We can't help but feel infinite sadness at the mere thought of never seeing good old Duke, but nevertheless, if this trailer's the real thing - then someone please buy the rights and bring it on, as the trailer gameplay looks positively awesome. The original soundtrack, performed by trash-metal legends Megadeth, is also still in the game, as well as Duke's ever-entertaining catch phrases, suggesting this is the real deal.


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New Rumor, Apple to make Game Console

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Oh the rumors the rumors! All about Apple, so many rumors, first we have an Apple netbook, then a new iPhone, then a new version of the iPod touch, Verzion deals and more!


The latest one is that Apple is returning to the console market. Yup that is right, all of those high profile hirings are nothing more than Apple building a console team.


The logic goes like this, Apple has a PPC CPU thanks to PA Semi, this is basically an SoC minus a GPU. Bring in all the ex ATi talent to fill that void, roll in a healthy and popular online content distribution center, all you would need is someone that is good with getting game consoles off the ground.


Apple filled that last gap with the hiring of XboX 360 guru Richard Teversham from Microsoft. You know it is starting to look like Apple picked up the whole XboX 360 team here.


Read more here


New Rumor, Apple to make Game Console


Let's backpedal. Apple grabbed Bob Drebin, Raja Koduri, PA Semi, Mark Papermaster, a few games guys, and undoubtedly many others we didn't hear of. That gives them the ATI ex-CTO, also ex-ArtX, makers of the Nintendo GPUs forever, and another ATI 'big thinker'. Lets just say they have the GPU side down there.


PA Semi has several low-power, high-performance modular PowerPC chips on the market now. They are basically SoCs, just slap in a GPU (see last paragraph) and you have - wait for it - a console.


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Deal of the Day: PS3 80GB Console

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Our Deal of the Day today is the Dell Home - Sony Playstation 3 80GB Game Console Blu-ray Player for only $299 Shipped FREE!.


Offer: Still one of the best Blu-ray players on the market and hey, it plays some pretty good games too. It comes with a 80GB removable hard drive and 256MB of RAM. I don't know if you can even call it a gaming system anymore. It's more like a multimedia gaming blu-ray music wifi device!


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DX11 easy to work with for game devs

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According to an article at PCGamesHardware it looks like MS is learning to play the game with game developers. DirectX 11 will be easy for devs to port their existing DX10 and 10.1 game engines over to.


A developer at DICE said that the porting of the Frostbite Engine was done in about three hours with very little effort. About the only thing needed was search for and replace relevant code in the engine.


They also noted that CPU load should be decreased
Read more here.


DX11 easy to work with for game devs


At the beginning of the porting progress the developer had to face a cross platform engine (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) with an exclusive DirectX 10 rendering path that had DX 10.0 and DX 10.1 features. The actual port of the Engine from DirectX 10 to DirectX 11 was done in three hours said Anderson. Searching and replacing the relevant parts inside the code required the most time.


Since currently there is no DirectX 11 hardware or appropriate development software, the Frostbite Engine was equipped with a switch inside the compiler that can be changed to DirectX 10 or DirectX 11. The developers at DICE are certain that the CPU load during API calls can be reduced noticeably with DirectX 11 drivers. Among other things the Frostbite DirectX 11 Engine offers HDR texture compression, Compute Shader and hardware tessellation for characters and terrain.


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Sony Releases PS3 2.70 Firmware

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Sony's let loose a new PS3 update, bringing the firmware up to V2.70.


Perhaps one of the most sought after features that has been added is the ability to have text chat conversations with friends. Conversations will be able to be carried out between you and up to 15 other people and you can take part in three chat rooms at once. Chatting is available both in and out of game, and the conversation can be carried on even when switching between the two.



The friends list has also received an update. You can now sort the list either by online status, or alphabetically. Sony upped the file size limit on attachment files and you can now send files up to 3MB in size instead of 1MB.


Two other features included in the update have been talked about on the PS3 forums quite a bit as well. You can now backup video content purchased for the PS3, saving it on an external drive. You can also now synchronize PSP video with the PS3, allowing you to view the content on your television.


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Razer And Valve Co-develop FPS Game

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PureOC says that Razer and Valve are teaming up to develop a new FPS titles HellRazer.


HellRazer will be a squad-based tactial co-op FPS. The plot of the game centers around a deadly virus breating containment in a lab and turning everyone into "aggressive beings which need to kill other beings in order to survive." Sounds innova.... nevermind.


Razer And Valve Co-develop FPS Game


What is new is that Razer is working on an intuitive game controller that is slated to be the first true 1:1 motion senstion and gesture recognition controller. It sounds like Razer wants to bring some of the Wii's succes to the PC, so it will probably be similar to the Wii Remote in use, but function with more precision. The new controller has been dubbed the Razer Anaconda.


"Razer is extending its vision by partnering up with Valve on this exciting new collaborative project. For the first time, PC gamers will be able to experience a more integrated, immersive gameplay in a first-person shooter game, said Razer president Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff."


Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve, said "We envision great possibilities for this project. Having a dedicated game controller for this game would help heighten the entire gaming experience and be a solid benchmark for future titles."


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Deal of the Day: XBox 360 Elite RE5 Edition

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Our Deal of the Day today is the XBox 360 Elite RE5 Edition for only $325.59 Shipped FREE from Dell Home.


Offer: Get this awesome bundle from Dell! It's the RED edition XBox 360 Elite Resident Evil5 console bundle that comes with the red console, red controller, cables, 120GB hard drive, a headset and the Resident Evil 5 game! Use coupon code: Z0WPL1J0CC3W47 to get 20% off!



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Bigfoot Launches Killer Xeno Gaming Network Card

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Bigfoot, makers of the Killer NIC, have announced the Killer Xeno, the company's next-generation NIC for gamers.


The Xeno has more memory, an upgrade network processing unit (NPU), and integrated audio for hardware accelerated voice-chat. The Xeno will work with TeamSpeak, Vivox, and Mumble and is an answer to the most requested feature requested by online gamers.


Bigfoot Networks Launches Killer Xeno™: Second-Generation Gaming Network Card


Bigfoot has also teamed up with Dell and EVGA who will both provide the card to consumers. EVGA will ship it under their own name while Alienware will be the first exclusive PC OEM to ship the Killer Xeno Pro.


The full press release can be read here.


"EVGA, from the beginning, has embraced intelligent innovation and leadership
within our product philosophy," said Andrew Han, EVGA president and CEO. "By partnering with Bigfoot Networks, EVGA can now offer the Killer Xeno Pro to members of the VGA community. In particular, this new product will greatly improve the immersive experience and competitive edge for online gamers. Addressing our customers' real-time networking needs and empowering them with new products is made possible with Bigfoot's Killer Xeno technology."

"Bigfoot Networks' products are designed to provide the best experience for today's new generation of real-time network-dependent applications such as online gaming, voice chat and file sharing," said Bigfoot Networks CEO Michael Howse. "Our new high-volume distribution partnerships with Alienware and
EVGA will enable a wide variety of product implementations and price points for gamers and consumers worldwide."


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CMStorm Launches Scout Gaming Chasis

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Cooler Master has launched the Scout Gaming Chassis, an all black enclosure designed in close cooperation with the world's leading professional gaming teams and eSports organizers.


The Scout is all black, inside and out. Inside the solid steel body, is a 140mm front intake fan, as well as 140mm top and 120mm rear exhaust fans which provide accurate airflow to efficiently manage heat. The tinted windowed side panel has froom for another two 120mm fans should you want them.


CMStorm Launches Scout Gaming Chasis


(Click the above image for the large version)


It also comes with the unique StormGuard PCI bracket which allows you to route cable through the inside of the case, thus ensuring that your peripherals never come up missing if attending a LAN.


On top of the Scout are reinforced carrying handles to make the chassis mobile friendly. There is also an I/O panel up front that features eSATA, FireWire, HD Audio four USB2.0 ports, as well as an integrated LED-switch, letting you decide exactly when to show off the red lights and the menacing all black interior.


CMStorm Launches Scout Gaming Chasis


(Click the above image for the large version)


The full press release is available here.


Taipei, Taiwan, March, 2009 - Today, CM Storm is celebrating the deployment of the Scout™ true gaming chassis, created in close cooperation with the world's leading professional gaming teams and eSports organizers, including Kode5, Team Fnatic and mousesports. Like all gear developed in the CM Storm Labs, the Scout has been heavily injected with Storm Tactics™ to ensure complete Strength, Security, and Control to the discerning gamer.


Developed with elite engineering skills, and reinforced by the highest grade materials, your Storm gear will perform and deliver with unfailing reliability, letting you focus on your game and worry less about your hardware.


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DiRT 2 previewed at Gaming Heaven

By: Array

The gang over at Gaming Heaven has been taking another look behind the curtain, this time they have a preview of DiRT2.


It seems that Codemasters has gone some length to improve the game. DiRT was very popular and was a fun game to play, however the driving physics was always annoying to me (and to many that I know). However Codemasters have finally put a realistic driving physics setup in place that aims to give players the most realistic driving experience yet.


On the Graphics side things have been improved and we good enough to impress John Erikson even at the alpha stage.


Read more here at Gaming Heaven.


DiRT 2 previewed at Gaming Heaven

Codemasters were keen to explain that a lot of the development time has revolved around getting the cars to handle as realistically as possible. Dirt 2 has seen further development on the physics side which means the cars will respond differently than before. There is now a realistic model in place to analyse the weight placement on all four wheels and adjust handling accordingly, including traction. We didn't spend enough time with the game to be in a position to accurately detail how this system works but it is certainly promising and is set to offer the end user a more realistic racing mechanic.


For those graphics buffs amongst you, the Ego engine in Dirt 2 has received a considerable overhaul with a new rendering and lighting system that is designed to give numerous depth to the environments and the terrain. We aren't allowed to really detail this yet as it is a pre-Alpha build and there is plenty that Codemasters isn't speaking about yet. The environments do show promise and are impressive already even though we were told they are missing texture detail and certain lighting effects. The crowd implementation is also yet to be finalised but they looked quite realistic already in their alpha state. Codemasters detailed the future with water effects and particles and we can assure you guys that if you are really into your rally games that this is certain to impress. The cars get progressively dirtier and the damage model is also impressive and the widescreen wipers are needed to make visibility improve !


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