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Preoders for Xbox 360 Kinect now available for $149.99 at most major retailers

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Microsoft's Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 took E3 by storm, and now it's available for preorder through most major outlets for $149.99. Microsoft has not released an official pricing statement yet to retailers or the public according to a spokesman. Best Buy, Gamestop, and online stores have it posted and ready to buy, with Wal-Mart actually posting it for $148.54.


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Battle of the cylinders - Microsoft's Kinect vs. a log

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When first out the gate at E3's press conference this time last week, Microsoft's Kinect got lots of 'oohs and whoaas' from the crowd. But since then, the finer details that really matter have gotten out to the disapproval of many folks who were hoping for a more polished, less limited piece of motion capturing equipment. What first looked to be an incredible piece of technology that would change the way we play games forever, now is starting to look like a good concept, but with too many limitations.


Sure, Kinect is still getting a ton of attention all over the web; the issue is, the majority of it is negative with stuff like this.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15805_03.png


Let's hope the finer details yet to escape from Sony's clutches will make Move a more attractive looking option.


Gioteck In2Link for the PS3 Slim launching soon

By: Array

One of the things that the PS3 Slim lost when it made the cut to a lower weight class was connectivity. The machine has only two USB ports where the older console had four.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15795_5.jpg


A company called Gioteck has announced it will soon launch a new device called the In2Link module for the PS3 Slim. The module plugs into the two front USB ports on the PS3 and gives three powered ports on the front of the console.


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Slim Xbox 360 console gets teardown

By: Array

Microsoft unveiled the new slim Xbox 360 at E3 this week and the units are already starting to trickle onto the market. With the machine being smaller many will be wondering what tech is inside the slim chassis.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15791_1.jpg


AnandTech has taken the new 360 and torn it apart so we can see what the difference is on the inside. Obviously, the new 360 is much smaller and has a much smaller HDD than the original.


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Next Wii might be 3D

By: Array

Nintendo has already unveiled the cool new 3DS portable console at E3. The little portable gaming system has 3D graphics without needing to wear glasses. It's interesting to see the 3DS while the Wii still lacks even basic HD graphics.




Kotaku reports that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has stated that the next game console from the company might be a 3D console. We already know that the next console has to pack in HD resolution, so if you go HD you might as well do 3D right?


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Mad Catz making solutions for a cleaner Kinect setup

By: Array

Along with the unveiling of Kinect for Xbox 360 at this year's E3, some bells and whistles for it in the form of additional accessories have also been uncovered. Gaming peripherals maker Mad Catz have confirmed that they are working on a wide range of add-ons for Kinect to make it more accomodating for your lounge room setup.


If you're already scratching your head wondering where to mount the Kinect camera unit due to lack of available space, Mad Catz will have you covered with a base adapter that the unit is designed to mount to, which then can be connected to any standard tripod for a simple yet effective freestanding solution.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15770_05.jpg


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Razer StarCraft II Wings of Liberty peripherals shown of at E3

By: Array

Razer has been making some of my favorite gaming peripherals for years. The company is famous for its gaming mice and keyboards. At E3 Razer has shown off some new StarCraft II Wings of Liberty branded peripherals.




The line includes the Spectre mouse with 5600 DPI resolution, 1000Hz ultrapolling, and adjustable button force. The mouse will sell for $79.99. The Marauder keyboard is backlit, supports on the fly macro recording and can have up to ten profiles for macros. It will sell for $119.99.


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Dell and OnLive collaborate on cloud-gaming service

By: Array

We have been hearing about the OnLive cloud-based gaming service for a while now. The service promises the ability to stream a library of video games to your TV or computer for a fixed monthly price.




Dell has announced today that it is teaming with OnLive on the cloud gaming service. The OnLive service is set to launch this week and Dell data center solutions are providing the muscle for the streaming service. Dell says that the OnLive service uses one of the largest GPU-powered server installations to date.


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Sony shows off Move gun attachment for PS3

By: Array

Following Sony's Move E3 press release a short while ago, Sony has made available a bunch of press shots showing off its ray gun attachment for the "Move" motion controller and it sure looks funky.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15751_05.jpg


The controller slides into the compartment up top and the analog "T" trigger button lines up with the trigger of the ray gun accessory. At the same time, the Move's controller buttons remain accessible via a window cut-out up top.


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Microsoft waving $ at iPhone game devs to enhance Phone 7 gaming experience

By: Array

Rumour is beginning to circulate about a plan Microsoft was hoping to keep quiet in making Windows Phone 7 more appealing for mobile gamers. Word's gotten out that Microsoft wants to make the new platform successful not only in terms of its general user environment, but also from a gaming perspective and is going so far as to entice iPhone game developers to produce Windows Phone 7 ports for them with $$$ being waved in the air.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15747_04.jpg


Whilst this could very much be a win win situation for both parties when looking at revenue potential, the issue is that WP7's underlying development environment is substantially different from that of the iPhone's, making the porting process a lot more involved than one would first think.


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