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Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 now have support for full motion play with Razer's Hydra controller

GDC 2012: The first news off the startling line of this years Game Developers Conference (GDC) is news from Razer, which is very interesting indeed. Razer and Sixense Entertainment have just announced that they have full integrated motion gaming support now built for Valve's most popular titles: Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Team Fortress 2.




Not only that, but future Valve-made games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will support full motion play with Razer Hydra. The news does continue to get better, though. Sixense and Valve have also integrated Sixense MotionCreator 2.0 software into Valve's Steam gaming platform. This does something quite special indeed: it enables backwards compatibility for motion gaming with the Razer Hydra controller to over 250 of the most popular titles on Steam!


From now on, Steam users will receive automatic motion control updates for current, and future games, as well as a new in-game overlay which lets gamers view control maps for the Hydra controller, as they play. CEO and Co-Founder of Sixense, Amir Rubin, says:


Sixense is excited to bring the Razer Hydra motion gaming experience to the Steam community. By wrapping Sixense MotionCreator inside Steam, the PC and Mac gaming platform of choice for both gamers and developers, we are able to provide plug-and-play functionality for the Razer Hydra to showcase our innovative motion gaming modes across game genres.

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The Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer is here

Ah, BioWare, you sure know how to stir up the excitement of your fans. They've just released the official Mass Effect 3 launch trailer and holy crap does it look good. The launch trailer offers just a tease into what the sure-to-be-epic game includes.




It seems that all hell breaks loose between the Reapers and the Humans, with Shepard in the middle of it, of course. Mass Effect 3 features co-op, action and story modes, a high-degree of customizability, a tweaked reputation system, completely redesigned enemies, where some enemies are get this, more than one mile tall, and a rich story where the underlying premise seems "survival at any cost".


Mass Effect 3 lands in the US on March 6th (just hours from now) for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Australians have to wait a few days to collect it on March 8th, and European-based Mass Effect fans have to wait 24 hours more until March 9th. BioWare will also released a collector's edition with exclusive items, various DLC and a stand-alone digital sound track.

RumorTT: Valve working on 'Steam Box' gaming console

Well, well. This would not only make sense for Valve, but for the PC community. Rumor has it that the company behind absolutely huge hits like Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Counter-Strike, are working on their own gaming console.


It has been talked about for a while, with Gabe Newell himself even saying "well, if we have to sell hardware we will". That can be taken many ways, but could this be the reason? An actual Steam Box console? Valve have been rumored to be secretly tinkering with gaming hardware for the living room, and having Steam at the center of that gaming device.




This doesn't sound too hard, considering the phenomenal success Google has enjoyed with Android. Within the same interview that Gabe said they'd have to sell hardware, he's quoted:


We'd rather hardware people that are good at manufacturing and distributing hardware do [hardware]. We think it's important enough that if that's what we end up having to do, then that's what we end up having to do.

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MechWarrior Online - debut trailer stomps onto the Internet

MechWarrior is one of my fondest gaming memories, the cut scenes for the time were just so amazing and the gameplay itself was great. I remember actually feeling like the scale of the game was right: you felt like a massive, man-crushing MechWarrior.



The time has come for the first MechWarrior Online video, in the form of a trailer. It doesn't show off much, but if what we see is part of the game - you get dropped from a huge drop-ship, and plummet toward the Earth below (or is it even Earth?).


Remember that MechWarrior Online is a PC-exclusive, and you know how much I love the words "PC-exclusive". This game should hopefully refuel the needs for upgrading our rigs, both in the game and outside of the game. You know, the one on your desk, silly! We should expect it to look deliciously bloody awesome, as it's powered by CryENGINE 3.




So, CryENGINE 3, the pre vious founder of FASA Corporation which worked on the original MechWarrior series, a PC-exclusive, and its out this year... /passes out.


I do love one of the YouTube comments from "RedGr3mlinz":



BioShock Infinite slides onto consoles, PCs on October 16

Irrational Games has come out and whispered into the ears of gamers everywhere that BioShock Infinite will hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in North America on October 16, 2012 with the international release three days later on October 19.




Irrational President and Creative Director, Ken Levine, said that BioShock Infinite has been "our sole focus for the last four years", and will be the culmination of a "vision for a follow up that dwarfed the original in scope and ambition". Boy does he know how to get me excited.


Additionally, Sony is offering a bonus for the PlayStation 3 version: they will include a copy of the original BioShock on the same Blu-ray disc. How's that!

RumorTT: PlayStation 4 to drop the Cell processor

We've talked about AMD powering the PlayStation 4's GPU, but what of it's CPU? The PlayStation 3 had Sony running parade's around the world (ok, well, not really) about it's revolutionary Cell processor, but after the PS3's release, developers said it was harder to code for.




Now that Sony would be at least piecing the puzzle together that will eventually be the PlayStation 4, rumor has it that the Cell processor, which was once the be-all-and-end-all of chips from Sony (and others) will not be making the cut, according to unnamed sources of Kotaku.


Considering AMD will most likely be building the GPU for the PlayStation 4, one would think they've either use a combination CPU/GPU chip, or would at least slap a 6- or 8-core CPU on the new PlayStation 4. I think that would work well, as cross-platform development would be insanely easy compared to today. If the three main consoles all use AMD-based GPUs (which it seems to be the case), then we should expect much better PC ports of the games, in theory.

The press get a hold of Max Payne 3 and say "the experience is mind-blowing"

WHERE WAS MY INVITE, ROCKSTAR?!?! Anyway, the worldwide gaming press have had their first hands-on taste of the slow-mo, gun-toting Max Payne 3 and have some seriously amazing things to say about it.




Rockstar showed them a bit of the game, with the story early on, they find Max and his partner Passos meeting up with the ruthless Comando Sombra gang at a local football stadium in an attempt to exchange cash for the captive Fabiana Branco. However, things quickly turn bad as the deal is crashed by unknown assailants. From there, they're also given a taste of a level where Max tracks Fabiana's kidnappers to the hostile, rain-soaked docks by the Tietê River...


The impressions and quotes? Incredible. Excitement... building... The only thing holding me back is most of these sites give games like Call of Duty: Yet Another Sequel games high scores, but Max Payne is quite close to my heart, please let these quotes be complete 100-percent excitement and truth.




It's easy to be impressed when you're standing on the outside looking in. Once you're actually in control in Max Payne 3, the experience is mind-blowing.

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Microsoft Flight is here, free-to-play and all

Microsoft's Flight Simulator has for a while now, been a huge boon for Microsoft. It has single-handedly been one of the truest Flight Sim's out there, with a huge following, and has pushed PC hardware to infinity, and beyond.




Microsoft took another direction with Flight, and dropped the "Simulator" from its name, and went free-to-play. The game will make dosh from selling premium add-ons, including new aircraft and "adventure packs". The game is ready for download, if you'd like to get into the pilots seat.


Where would you like to fly to, today?

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Doom 4 artwork leaked, is this the real deal?

Rumors of Doom 4 being cancelled have once again been shot down by Bethesda Softworks, after All Games Beta publishing some information stating that the game had been cancelled, simultaneously releasing leaked screenshots that originally surfaced on 4Chan.




Bethesda vice president of public relations and marketing, Pete Hines, said to Joystiq in a statement, that Doom 4 is not cancelled and that when they are ready to discuss the game and show it off, they'll let everyone know. All Games Beta opened the floodgates and have now added more screenshots to their gallery, totalling 170 images.


Considering that id's RAGE was not that great, personally, critically and across the world, it would be hard to have faith in this after RAGE took five-plus years to develop. id need to go back to their roots as a PC-exclusive developer and push the envelope with Doom 4 if they want their time in the lime light once more. A PC-exclusive, PC-crushing, crap-your-pants horror game is what we need right now. Doom 4 could re-spark PC's constantly-dimming light.

SimCity V to arrive in 2013

Oh me, oh my. I cannot believe I'm about to type this, but SimCity V is coming. Yes, it's being worked on by the original Maxis/EA combo. Right now theres not a lot to talk about apart from some screenshots and a couple of details, but at least we know it's coming.




The information has been spotted over at the NeoGAF forums, and from there, someone posted a translated post from German magazine 'GameStar'. The message gives some details, that it's currently 30-percent through development, 2013 release, Maxis is developing with EA publishing, and then we have:




New graphics engine and road round.

Multiplayer mode.

Buildings updatable.

The various cities.

Send infographics.

The positioning of the camera …




Oh boy. Color me so, so excited. I now have some questions for Maxis/EA. Is this going to be a PC-exclusive, please, yes. Secondly, is this going to be an Origin-exclusive, please, no.



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