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Healthcare IT evolving, but security loopholes still cause problems

By: Michael Hatamoto | More News: Hacking & Security | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 8:24 pm

Properly securing healthcare IT has proven to be a difficult task, though ever critical while malware plagues networks across the world.




Due to the potential for healthcare and insurance fraud, compromised medical records can be worth up to $50 per record - a major value increase from the $2 to $28+ per record without additional personal information.


Healthcare providers are integrating technologies throughout hospitals, which can create security vulnerabilities as devices like tablets, for example, are now being used. In addition, many healthcare providers now provide online services, including scheduling appointments, asking for prescription refills, and communicating with doctors - but also provides another security issue for healthcare IT experts.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Yoshi edition lands March 14

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 7:44 pm

One of my favorite Nintendo game characters has always been Yoshi. He was my go to character in Mario Kart. If you like Yoshi, Nintendo has some cool news. A new Yoshi 3DS XL portable console is coming this month.




The special edition console will launch on March 14. That is the same day the video game Yoshi's New Island will launch. The console has a lime green cover with Yoshi and an egg on front. The back of the console is decorated with a number of Yoshi eggs.


The console doesn't come with that Yoshi video game. The console will sell for $199.99 with the game selling for $39.99. The game sees Yoshi trying to get Baby Mario reunited with his kidnapped brother Luigi. I'm surprised that the console doesn't include the game in a bundle.

RadioShack to close 1,100 stores nationwide, continuing to unravel

By: Michael Hatamoto | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 7:20 pm

U.S. electronics store RadioShack announced it plans to close up to 1,100 of its stores in the United States, as the company continues to struggle in a fight for survival.




RadioShack has a large retail footprint in the United States, with 90 percent of US shoppers located within a few minutes of at least one store.


"Our focus on the brand, our operations, and the in-store experience has been unfolding in parallel with a strategic review of our store footprint," said Joseph Magnacca, RadioShack CEO, in a press statement. "Over the past few months, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of our portfolio from many angles - location, area demographics, lease life and financial performance - in order to consolidate our store base into fewer locations while maintaining a strong presence in each market."


Information about which stores - and how many jobs will be lost - still hasn't been disclosed by RadioShack.

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South Park: Stick of Truth Now available to purchase

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 7:17 pm

We have talked about the South Park game called South Park: The Stick of Truth several times. The last time we mentioned it was about a week ago when we learned that the game would be censored in the US on game consoles. The censored game will remove some scenes where abortions and anal probing are performed.




Many gamers won't miss those scenes. If you get the game for the PC in the US or in another country, the censored scenes will be intact. If you have been counting the days until you could play the game, that day has come.


The Stick of Truth is now available to purchase. The game has launched in the US on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. There is no word on when the game might launch for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

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Lamborghini Huracan digital dash is powered by NVIDIA

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Technology in Vehicles | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 6:52 pm

If you are a fan of outrageous exotic sports cars, you will be familiar with the Lamborghini name. Lamborghini has been making some of the coolest high performance cars since the 60's and its latest offering is a replacement for the Gallardo called the Huracan. The car is all-new and has a very slick digital dashboard.




The digital dash inside the car replaces old-fashioned analog gauges and is powered by NVIDIA. The digital dash uses a 12.3-inch TFT display offering a resolution of 1440 x 540. The graphics for that dash are powered by a Tegra 30 chip from the Tegra 3 series.


The digital muscle behind the dash lets the virtual tachometer work at 60 fps so it can keep up with the engine without causing difficult to read lag. The digital dash can be configured to show what the driver wants to see with three modes. The Full Drive mode offers an analog style tachometer with smaller displays for fuel level, temperature and a digital speedo. Mixed mode frees up half that display for a navigation screen.

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Apple patent lets iPhone users listen to live voice messages

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 6:17 pm

If you have been around long enough to remember a world when most people didn't have mobile phones and we relied on a home phone and an answering machine to stay in contact, you will appreciate a new patent Apple has been granted. One of the things that people liked about answering machines is that you can listen to the messages being left as a way to screen calls. That is one thing you can't do on a smartphone.




Apple has been granted patent by the USPTO that is a patent acquired via the Rockstar Consortium when it purchased Nortel patents a while back. The patent shows a way that the smartphone user can listen in to a caller leaving them a voice mail in real-time.


The system covered in the patent shows a way that a conference call is set up on-the-fly between the caller, voice mail server, and the phone owner. The user's phone mic is muted to keep the listening in on the down low.

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Intel drops $100-$150 million on wearables firm Basis says source

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 5:42 pm

One of the hottest categories in the tech world today is wearable devices. There are a number of wearables on the market ranging from smartwatches to glasses like Google Glass. With wearables set to grow significantly, a new rumor is circulating that Intel has made a big purchase to get more wearable tech in its portfolio.




Intel is rumored to have purchased a company called Basis. Basis makes wearable watches that record fitness activities for the user. Basis was rumored to have been shopping itself around with Apple and Google among the interested firms.


The purchase has reportedly been made by Intel with one source saying the deal was worth $100 million. A different source claims that Intel paid closer to $150 million for Basis. Basis currently has about 7% of the wearable fitness device market.

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Don't mess with Zelda fans: Man stabbed with Master Sword in dispute

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Current Affairs | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 5:23 pm

Anyone who has ever played any of the games in the Legend of Zelda franchise has dreamed of wielding the legendary Master Sword to combat the forces of evil. A new police report out of Harris County, Texas, shows that one man did in fact wield the Master Sword and actually used it to stab the estranged husband of his current girlfriend.




According to deputies, a man named Eugene Thompson was at his home with his girlfriend when the woman's estranged husband arrived at the home around 10PM on Saturday night. When the husband entered the home, he began to chase Thompson around the house, at which point Thompson grabbed his replica of the famed Master Sword to protect himself. During the altercation, deputies say that the husband ran into the sword causing it to enter his body.


The excitement does not stop there though. The wounded husband was then thrown out of the house only to return by physically breaking the door back down and reentering the house. At this point, the two men fought over the sword and the husband was stabbed yet again in the chest and leg. Out of a scene from a movie or cartoon, the harshly wounded husband managed to retreat to outside of the house where he grabbed a flower pot and then proceeded to smash it over the boyfriend's head.

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Windows 8.1 Update 1 hits RTM according to source

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Operating Systems | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 5:09 pm

If you are a user of Windows 8.1 on a computer that lacks a touchscreen, you may be very frustrated at the user experience that the OS has offered so far. One of the things that Microsoft has promised to address with the first update for Windows 8.1 is making it easier for people not on touch PCs.




We mentioned last week that rumors pegged the launch of the update for Windows 8.1 to happen on April 8. That also happens to be the same day that Windows XP reaches the end of support date. Word has surfaced from sources who claim to be familiar with the goings on at Microsoft that the update has reached Release to Manufacturing or RTM.


That is a significant milestone for software and means that the update is officially ready to ship. The source also claims that Update 1 for Windows 8.1 has also been shared with PC makers and partners. The final update is said to have been compiled on February 21.

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Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard makes typing easy on your console

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Peripherals | Posted: Mar 4, 2014 4:40 pm

Logitech has been making its line of Harmony universal remote controls for a number of years. These remotes are notable because they all have macro buttons that make changing multiple inputs on your home theater system as easy as pushing a single button. Logitech has rolled out a new Harmony product called the Harmony Smart Keyboard.




The device is exactly what you think it is, a keyboard that can be used as a universal remote. The device is compatible with set top boxes like the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360, and PS3 consoles. It will also work with the Xbox One, but support for the PS4 isn't mentioned.


The QWERTY keyboard lets you easily type searches or chat. The keyboard also has the buttons you expect for controlling media and has a guide button. The keyboard also ships with the Harmony Hub that launched last summer as a standalone device.

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