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Advantech Launches New Mobile Data Terminal TREK-550 for In-Vehicle Applications

Posted Mar 30, 2011 @ 8:53 CDT

Advantech Launches New Mobile Data Terminal TREK-550 for In-Vehicle Applications


Advantech, leading industrial and embedded platform provider, today announced the availability of the TREK-550, an industrial in-vehicle fanless computer. The TREK-550 placed in transport trucks, buses, vehicle fleets and taxis can be connected to a variety of monitoring systems: onboard diagnostics (OBD-II), a car area network (CAN), and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) to name a few. Built-in wireless communications (WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth) allow TREK-550 to send data back to a central site, as well as to receive over-the-air (AOTA) updates and communicate with central dispatch. TREK-550 is ISO7637/SAE J1455 Class A/ SAE J1113 certified; it is able to operate in extreme temperatures and transient power conditions; and it can endure shocks and vibrations. The dual-audio and video outputs allow independent displays such as the TREK-303 to be attached, providing in-cab or passenger display applications.




Designed for In-Vehicle Use
The TREK-550 was built from inception for use in vehicles, where a rugged industrial design is critical. The ISO7637-2 rating and car power management software (ignition on/off, delay on/off, and low battery monitor) guard against electrical noise and surges, as well as preventing damage to thecomputer caused by transient vehicle power. TREK-550 is able to withstand environmental extremes common in vehicles: it can operate at a range of -30°C to 70°C, and its sealed unit carries a military grade certification (MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5) against vibration and shock.


OBD-II Diagnostics
The TREK-550 receives vehicle diagnostic information using the widely-adopted OBD-II protocol. TREK-550 supports J1708, a serial communications standard which allows it to communicate over a serial port to other vehicle electronic control units (ECU). TREK-550 also supports the newer J1939 standard allowing it to communicate via twisted pair to a variety of vehicle components over a CAN bus. Information exchange is fast and efficient, and can be reported to the driver or central office in real-time.


GPS with AGPS and Dead Reckoning Technology
GPS systems often fail in dense urban centers, tunnels, or mountainous regions where line-of-sight to satellites is compromised. Vehicle fleets can't afford these types of interruptions. TREK-550 overcomes these inherent limitations to satellite technology in two ways: assisted GPS (AGPS), where positioning data is sent to the unit using GPRS communications from an AGPS server; and dead reckoning, where the vehicle continues to update its position based on velocity and gyroscopic calculations. So, TREK-550 is able to report its position to driver and/or dispatch regardless of terrain or driving conditions.


Video-in Feature for Rear View Monitor
The TREK-550 has two video-in ports to support a rear view monitor. It is important for truck drivers to see behind the truck when they are backing up, or on the sides as they turn the vehicle. Reducing blind spots with video monitoring systems increases safety and reduces liability to the vehicle fleet company.TREK-550 supports Windows CE 6.0, XP, and Linux, and it is compatible with the TREK-303 smart vehicle display. TREK-550 is an ideal, powerful industrial-grade solution fulfilling a wide range of in-vehicle needs for fleets of all kinds. TREK-550 is available now. For more information about Advantech in-vehicle computing solutions, please contact a sales representative or visit our website.




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