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Tumblr announces a year-long war on cyber-bullying and fake news

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Jan 7, 2020 @ 0:30 CST

Tumblr has taken to their official Twitter account to announce that they will be waging war against fake news and cyberbullying.

The war against both fake news and cyberbullying comes under the year-long campaign titled World Wide What that will be an effort to spear awareness about having healthy conversations online. Tumblr has said they will be focusing on six topics, each of these topics will come with a video about how people should be interacting with the internet and ultimately developing a healthy relationship with it.

According to the companies press release, "We recognize that toxicity and negativity happen everywhere online, even on Tumblr. We are constantly striving to learn and utilize new ways to create a safe place for our communities." While the videos are very self-explanatory and most likely something everyone has heard before, Tumblr's effort is still just, and should be recognized. As should any effort against online bullying and fake news.

You cannot use Messenger without signing up for a Facebook account

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Dec 27, 2019 @ 5:41 CST

While most of Messengers users have Facebook accounts, there is still a portion of people who don't want to have a Facebook account, but still want to use the messaging service.


Times are now changing, and those portion of people will now be required to sign up to Facebook to access Messenger. According to the website's Help Center, "you'll need to create a Facebook account to use Messenger." Originally, users could sign up to Messenger by just entering their phone number and not having to worry about having a Facebook account. That option has now been revoked.

VentureBeat has also got the news confirmed to them via Facebook, here's what they said "If you're new to Messenger, you'll notice that you need a Facebook account to chat with friends and close connections. We found that the vast majority of people who use Messenger already log in through Facebook and we want to simplify the process."

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Twitter flaw: 17 million phone numbers matched to respective accounts

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Dec 25, 2019 @ 1:19 CST

A flaw in Twitter's system has allowed a researcher to connect 17 million phone numbers to their respective accounts.


A security researcher named Ibrahim Balic has spoken to TechCrunch about a flaw in Twitter's Android app. This security flaw gave Balic a window of opportunity to successfully match 17 million phone numbers with their respective accounts.

The users that had their numbers exposed and linked to their accounts were located in counters such as France, Greece, and Turkey. It should also be noted that some of the exposed numbers and accounts were prominent politicians and officials.

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Violent video game content on YouTube will have fewer age-restrictions

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Dec 3, 2019 @ 5:00 CST

YouTube has made some large changes to their policies regarding gaming content and violence being on their platform.

YouTube has taken to their official Twitter account to announce that from today "scripted or simulated violence in video games will be treated the same as violence in other scripted content like movies & TV". This means that less gaming content that has scripted violence will be age-restricted by YouTube, opening up gaming content to way more potential viewers.

YouTube says, "We know there's a difference between real-world violence and scripted or simulated violence - such as what you see in movies, TV shows, or video games - so we want to make sure we're enforcing our violent or graphic content policies consistently". While this might sound really good for video game content creators, YouTube's policy still states that if the video contains an overwhelming amount of violence, or if violence is the focus of the video, then it will still become age-restricted. If you are interested in reading more about the policy changes, check out this link here.

New Facebook data tool lets users bulk transfer media to Google Photos

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Dec 3, 2019 @ 0:30 CST

Facebook will soon be rolling out a new feature that will allow users to transfer bulk media to another platform. This saves users having to save and re-upload content individually.


This new tool is apart of the Data Transfer Project which is a lodged agreement between Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter. This agreement between companies is to make it much easier for users on each platform to share content to other platforms.

The new feature will be first released in Ireland and then rolled out to the rest of the world within the first half of 2020. At the moment Facebook users will only be able to export the media attached to their account to Google Photos. Eventually, Facebook and other social media platforms should allow users to export/import media to all different services, or at least that is what the goal is.

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Twitter are testing conversation tree threads similar to Reddit

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Nov 29, 2019 @ 1:35 CST

Twitter has rolled out a new way to have conversations via its testing app Twttr. This new format seems to take inspiration from Reddit.

The news has come from Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher who prides herself on finding out new features that are coming to a range of different apps. Wong has managed to find conversation trees that were being tested in Twitter's beta testing app on the main website.

From the video, we can see that Twitter is testing nesting replies in each conversation and that users can select each Tweet to enlarge and hone in on it. This change Twitter is about to implement is set to roll out sometime in 2020, and will certainly give the platform a nice fresh feel. The layout is somewhat similar to that of Reddit's, but Twitter's seems much more sleek and straightforward. What do you think about the design change?

Twitter will start the purge of deleting inactive accounts really soon

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Nov 27, 2019 @ 3:07 CST

Twitter is planning a great big ol' purge of their platform, as the company is planning on removing a bunch of inactive accounts.


Twitter will be removing accounts that haven't signed into the platform for the last six months. Warnings are already being issued out to accounts that are inactive, but don't stress yet as Twitter has said that the big ol' purge won't happen overnight. It will instead roll out over time, starting on December 11th. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the deleting of inactive accounts will happen over "many months".

This deleting spree is Twitter's effort of cleaning out useless information from their platform and giving users who are active "more accurate, credible information". While this all sounds good, Twitter is aware that this will pose some problems for account holders who have passed away. Loved ones who like to go through old Tweets of deceased friends or family will not be able to do so if the account falls under the "inactive" category and is deleted.

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Wikipedia co-founder's new social media platform is for the people

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Nov 19, 2019 @ 1:02 CST

A new social media platform has just launched called WT:Social and its premise to combat Facebook on the front of showing new content first instead of sponsored.

The new platform comes from Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales who has promised that any user signing up to the platform won't have their user data sold. WT:Social also won't be running advertisements or have algorithms like Facebook's, which prioritize content that is sponsored or receiving a lot of engagement. WT:Social will instead show users on the platform whatever content is newest.

According to Wale's Twitter account, the new platform has already gained 160,000 members, and "isn't slowing down yet". Wales also commented on how WT:Social will be different from other big platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, he said "I've come to the conclusion that the biggest problem driving low-quality media is that it has been purely advertising-supported, and that the social networks which provide so much distribution are also purely advertising supported."

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Jack Dorsey: Twitter CEO says it will END political ads on Twitter

By: Anthony Garreffa | Social Networking | Posted: Oct 31, 2019 @ 22:26 CDT

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced on Twitter not too long ago that the social networking giant was going to stop all political advertising outside of non-partisan exceptions.

The company will have its finished policy ready by November 15 and will enforce its new political advertising ban starting November 22. Dorsey said the decision was made from both principles and practical realities, saying that a tweet about politics should reach its desired audience without being "compromised by money".

As for the business side of things, Twitter reportedly only made less than $3 million in political advertising spend during the 2018 US midterms. But I'd dare say that things are much different now leading into the 2020 elections in the US, especially when one of the most powerful people on Twitter just so happens to the the President of the United States.

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Public Instagram account stalking stopped, forced 'log-in' activated

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: Oct 24, 2019 @ 4:32 CDT

Stalking on public Instagram accounts is no doubt a massive thing that people without Instagram accounts do. Now its almost impossible with this very small but extremely impact-full change.


In early October, Instagram decided to remove the 'Following' tab from its app in an effort to keep Instagram users' activity private. Now the company is moving towards not letting people browse public Instagram profiles without having an Instagram account.

Originally, normal people could search up a persons Instagram profile that they knew was under 'public' and browse through all of their photos and videos. Now, after a certain amount of videos, most likely one or two scrolls, Instagram will force pop-up a request to log-in or create an account. This pop-up cannot be navigated away from, essentially stopping any further Instagram stalking from happening until the user joins Instagram.

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