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Tesla hits 102 billion market value, now second most valuable carmaker

By Jak Connor | Jan 28, 2020 05:42 am CST

Tesla has earned itself a new achievement, as Elon Musk's company has managed to overtake Volkswagen and become the world's second most valuable car manufacturer.


Tesla's market evaluation has risen over $102.66 billion, which exceeds the German car manufacturer Volkswagen at $89.68 billion. Other big companies such as General Motors are currently sitting at fourth with $49.88 billion, Honda at fifth with $49.71 billion, and Daimler at sixth with $48.29 million.

So who's first? Toyota has pulled ahead and is in the lead by far, with a market value of $230.95 billion. It seems that Tesla has a lot of leg work to do to take first place, which means that the company is going to be aiming to sell a lot more cars. In 2019 Tesla only sold 367,000 cars, compared to Volkswagen's 11 million. 2020 and beyond will be a different story, as the company will be pushing the electric vehicle standard further than ever before.

Jeff Bezos' now girlfriend might've leaked those marriage ending texts

By Jak Connor | Jan 27, 2020 05:06 am CST

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, seems to be in a spot of hot water as of late, and the water doesn't seem to be getting any cooler anytime soon.


Reports have come out from both The New York Times (NYT) and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) about Bezos' leaked text messages that revealed the world's richest man was having an affair. Of course, with any 'leaked' text messages, the first question that was raised was - 'How did those text messages get leaked?' According to both the NYT and WSJ, Lauren Sanchez, the women who Bezos had an affair with, reportedly sent her brother the text messages, who then sold them off to the National Enquirer.

The reports state that Michael Sanchez (brother) received texts from his sister in 2018 that included flirtatious messages from Bezos and a shirtless photo of him. Bezos followed up with an "extortion and blackmail" accusation on Medium aimed towards the parent company of the National Enquirer, American Media. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are currently investigating the intent of the National Enquirer and if there is a basis for a blackmail or extortion case.

YouTuber demonetized for using the numbers 36 and 50

By Anthony Garreffa | Jan 25, 2020 01:54 am CST

I can't believe I'm writing this but WarnerMedia subsidiary company Otter Media has a division that is a "social content company for talent and brands" called Fullscreen.

Twitch streamer 'AnneMunition' had two of her videos demonetized... for using the numbers "36" and "50". Yeah, you read that right. The videos in question are from 2017, with AnneMunition's playthrough of The Witcher 3. Both of these videos didn't have millions of views or anything, but just a few thousand views and bad news for the Twitch streamer as it will leave a bad record on her YouTube account.

She has of course disputed the claims, telling YouTube: "you can't copyright a number, you wombats".

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Here's the full report on Jeff Bezos' phone being hacked & who did it

By Jak Connor | Jan 24, 2020 01:05 am CST

A big story was released by The Guardian this week, and it was about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his phone reportedly being hacked by the Saudi Prince.


The original report stated that Bezos received a message from Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman that contained a malicious file. Security forensics firm FTI Consulting conducted an investigation into the file and concluded with "medium to high confidence" that the Saudi Prince was to blame. If you are interested in checking out the report, a link to it can be found here.

Cybersccop, a fellow security professional, has openly said that FTI didn't go far enough into their investigation. There's also Facebook's former Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos who goes against the FTI's report, stating there was "no smoking gun". At the moment, this story has a lot of contradictory statements, with one report claiming the Saudi Prince was responsible, and other security officials saying there isn't enough evidence in the report to claim that Bezos' phone was even hacked.

Jeff Bezos' phone hack might've let the Saudi's eavesdrop for months

By Jak Connor | Jan 23, 2020 03:07 am CST

Yesterday news came out about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone being hacked by the Saudi crown prince. Now, we are learning that Bezos could have had his phone microphone enabled for months.


According to a forensic analysis of Bezos' hacked phone, Bezos could have had the Saudi government in his pocket listening for months. The report comes from cybersecurity firm FTI Consulting which are the investigators that were hired by Bezos after he realized his phone was compromised.

The report says, "FTI assesses that Bezos' device was compromised on May 1, 2018 and that the compromise resulted in gigabytes of data exfiltration that likely contained sensitive data such as personal photos, text messages, instant messages, emails, and possibly local (eavesdropped) recordings done via the phone's microphone."

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Linus from LinusTechTips is 'thinking of retiring'

By Anthony Garreffa | Jan 23, 2020 01:21 am CST

We all know and love Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTips, and the man himself and his tech channel have reached a massive milestone of 10 million subscribers. But his latest video, in my opinion, is one of his best:

The video is one of, if not his most personal yet and that is something I love more than the usual hands-in-the-air, super-fun videos. It's raw Linus, addressing a near mid-life crisis of sorts. He had some life changing events happened which made him look through the prism of life a little differently, something that I've been doing over the last year or so.

By the end of the video Linus himself says he is not immediately retiring, but doesn't rule it out -- it's something that he might eventually do, so we could see the end of Linus appearing in a majority of the videos. LTT is run by a team of talented people who can easily take the reigns, but it would be a gigantic change for the tech channel if/when that happens.

For now, they're not tears... I was just cutting onions up, I swear...

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had his phone 'hacked' by the Saudi crown prince

By Jak Connor | Jan 22, 2020 01:07 am CST

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO and the world's richest man, reportedly had his phone "hacked" by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.


According to the report by The Guardian, sources who have remained anonymous have told the site that Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman sent a malicious file that infiltrated Bezos' phone through WhatsApp on May 1st, 2018. Before the file was sent, Bezos and Salman were said to be having a friendly exchange, then the file was sent over, and according to those same sources, large amounts of data were transferred off Bezos' phone.

At the moment, there's no knowledge of what was taken off Bezos' phone, but since the "hack" happened back in 2018, Bezos has had some private messages leaked online. The text messages reflected an extramarital relationship, which then triggered Bezos to put full force in discovering how these texts made it online. Bezos' own investigation team says they are "highly confident" that the Saudis had managed to "access" Bezos's phone and acquired "private information".

Facebook name translation fail, Chinese President named 'Mr. Sh*thole'

By Jak Connor | Jan 21, 2020 12:31 am CST

Facebook has taken one on the chin, as recently the big company incorrectly translated the Chinese President's name into something extremely rude.


Facebook has openly apologized for displaying Chinese President Xi Jinping's name as "Mr. Sh*thole" when translating it from Burmese to English. So how was this translation error realized? China's President was visited by Myanmar's President and was required to sign a bunch of new agreements. Translations of these new agreements were then published on Burmese state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi's Facebook page.

When readers translated the statements from Burmese to English, they were shocked at the multiple references to Xi Jinping's name and the wording "Mr. Sh*thole". Facebook has since apologized for the error, claiming it happened due to "technical issue". The company also said that Xi Jinping's name wasn't present in their database, so they took a wild stab in the dark at translating it and failed.

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Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane joins NBC, signs $200M contract

By Anthony Garreffa | Jan 16, 2020 08:27 pm CST

NBCUniversal has just secured Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, with MacFarlane signing a huge $200 million TV deal that gives him some great flexibility.


MacFarlane will be leaving his warm home of 20th Century Fox TV, with MacFarlane's new deal will see the Family Guy creator creating new content for NBC's entire portfolio. Not only that, but MacFarlane will be free to sell to outside buyers including Netflix, as well as being a free agent on the movie side of things.

MacFarlane is a big fish to catch, so it should come as no surprise that he was being courted by Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Warners, Sony, ViacomCBS and Disney. In the end, the 5-year $200 million deal with more freedom at NBCUniversal won him over.

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Bose is closing ALL retail stores in US, Australia, Europe and Japan

By Anthony Garreffa | Jan 15, 2020 11:36 pm CST

Bose has announced some rather large news for its retail dominance in major markets globally, with the audio-focused company announcing it will be closing retail stores in multiple countries.


Bose will be closing its retail storefronts in the US, Australia, Europe and Japan which will see a total of 119 stores closing and hundreds of jobs slashed. It's a big shock considering Bose first opened its first physical store in 1993, and has continued to spread its audio retail goodness across the world since.

The retail stores have been the perfect way to display and show off their audio products like headphones and speakers, especially Bose's iconic noise-cancellation headphones. Recently, Bose has been pushing into smart speakers, earbuds, sunglasses, and other products.

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