55nm NVIDIA GT200 GPU performing R700 stakeout

Reports of 55nm GT200 soon being ready to roll.

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We reported recently, on suggestions that NVIDIA has shifted into gear, aiming to improve the prospects of its 65nm GT200 GPU with a, much vaunted, 55nm refresh.

55nm NVIDIA GT200 GPU performing R700 stakeout

According to this article from Fudzilla, not citing its sources, the 55nm refresh of NVIDIA's GT200 powerhouse has received much loving attention and is being prepared to counteract AMD's warrior, the R700.

The Santa Clara, CA based company is, by all accounts, eagerly awaiting a concrete performance outlook for AMD's HD 4870 X2 and, will then, be fine tuning clock speeds on its 55nm GT200 to push AMD's presumed winner, the R700, back into second place.

A 55nm shrink is expected, to bring the GT200 out of the higher power consumption and thermal rafters of its 65nm predecessor and it will be interesting, to see how much extra performance NVIDIA will squeeze out in this round.

It would, of course, be naive to expect NVIDIA to allow AMD's R700 to excel without a credible challenge and it is surmised, that NVIDIA's answer to the R700 will perhaps end up being the victor.

The real question for enthusiasts is, whether NVIDIA will be able to capture hearts with that, all-important, price to performance package.
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