Samsung mocks Apple on AI: says 'adding 'Apple' doesn't make it new or groundbreaking'

Apple reveals its new ChatGPT-powered 'Apple Intelligence' during WWDC 2024, with Samsung marketing hitting its stride and taking a LOL at Apple.

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Apple unveiled its new ChatGPT-powered "Apple Intelligence" during its WWDC 2024 event, with a slew of new AI features... with smartphone competitor Samsung taking to its X account and posting this:

Samsung said: "Adding 'Apple' doesn't make it new or groundbreaking. Welcome to AI" taking a stab at Apple's just-announced Apple Intelligence. Apple Intelligence will launch with iOS, iPadOS, and macOS later this year... but most of these AI-powered features are already on plenty of Android-powered smartphones.

Samsung wasn't finished with the 'mean tweets' with another post on X that read "Moving my icons wherever I want since 2010... isn't that cool?" If you thought it was just Samsung jumping in on mocking Apple and its new ChatGPT-powered Apple Intelligence, you'd be wrong... smartphone maker Nothing also got on the mocking train, with this simple post on X:

Apple's new entry into the world of AI on smartphones isn't new, and we know that... Samsung and Nothing (and I'm sure every other Android smartphone maker knows it). We will see Apple push out its new Apple Intelligence (and more) once iOS 18 launches later this year, as well as the next-gen iPhone 16 that will be announced in September, so we're only a few more months away, folks.

Apple CEO Tim Cook explained: "It has to understand you and be grounded in your personal context like your routine, your relationships, your communications and more. It's beyond artificial intelligence. It's personal intelligence. Introducing Apple Intelligence".

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