Want to know what PC games will run well on Snapdragon X Elite laptops? This website tells you

'Works on Windows on ARM' website rates a bunch of games and lets you know which will run nicely on Copilot+ PCs (which are Snapdragon-only right now).

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A new website is aiming to be the go-to resource for Windows on ARM gamers who are trying to suss out which games will run well on their Copilot+ PC.

Baldur's Gate 3 runs just fine on the Snapdragon X Elite (Image Credit: Larian)

Baldur's Gate 3 runs just fine on the Snapdragon X Elite (Image Credit: Larian)

If you've missed the fuss this week somehow, Copilot+ PC is Microsoft's new terminology for its AI PCs, only this category of devices requires a much more powerful NPU.

Indeed, the only chip that qualifies to power a Copilot+ PC right now is the Snapdragon X Elite, but it won't be long before NPUs with 45+ TOPS appear from Intel and AMD as well (Lunar Lake, Strix Point).

At any rate, devices that use Windows on ARM can still play PC games, although of course they're run via emulation, but this tech is much better now (thanks to Microsoft's just-revealed Prism translation layer, essentially the equivalent of Apple's Rosetta for its M-series Macs).

Not all games are going to run great though - or indeed at all - and if you want to find out which is which, well, that's what the 'Works on Windows on ARM' website is all about.

Currently, some 1,480 games are included in the database with a compatibility rating in a similar vein to the Steam Deck. The categories are: Perfect, Playable, Runs or Unplayable.

The info attached to each game gives you more details such as the device the game was tested on, and a guide frame rate you can expect to achieve. Not all games are filled out with these extra bits of info, though, and it's clear that the database is still in an early working state. We also have to trust that the info presented is accurate, of course.

You can filter by game ratings, or genres, or indeed Auto Super Resolution compatibility, and this could prove a pretty handy website for those thinking of investing in a Copilot+ PC.

After all, Windows on ARM has finally arrived, or so we're told, with these new Copilot+ laptops - and we're ready and waiting to be impressed.

Passable gaming on the go chops certainly help to sweeten the Copilot+ PC experience somewhat, there's no denying that - and early testing has shown the Snapdragon X Elite SoC is indeed as good as Qualcomm has previously claimed. Which is to say pretty good - powerful enough to keep pace with Apple's M3 chip, if early feedback is anything to go by, and to run games like Baldur's Gate 3, or indeed Borderlands, relatively smoothly.

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