New Eee PC models attempt to raise usability bar

ASUS attempts to up usability stakes with new PCs.

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ASUS is aiming to boost the usability factor of its upcoming Eee PC 904/905 models, as these images from Eee PC News portray.

As we reported yesterday, by combining an 8.9" display unit, with a larger 10" chassis, ASUS is able to make inroads by furnishing the new Eee PC models, with a larger, deemed more usable, keyboard. The larger 10" chassis is a pass down from the Eee PC 1000 that we took an exclusive inside look at recently.

Whilst rumours of improved battery life and storage capacity are still just that, it appears that ASUS is following in the footsteps of competitor, MSI, by adopting a similar approach as seen in MSI's Wind U90.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.
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