Think RGB lighting is over-the-top and pointless? Well, how about flower-scented thermal paste?

It makes no scents whatsoever (sorry) but a Japanese firm has made another scented thermal paste (after previously making a paste with the odor of Apple).

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We all know what we need from our thermal paste, right? For it to be easy to apply and spread, for it to facilitate good cooling, and for the paste to be affordable is a bonus, too. Oh, and for it to smell nice, of course.

Bring me a shrubbery! And I shall make it into a thermal paste (Image Credit: Clock Work Tea Party)

Bring me a shrubbery! And I shall make it into a thermal paste (Image Credit: Clock Work Tea Party)

Hang on a minute - what now? Well, apparently this is a concern over in Japan (somehow), because as Wccftech noticed, a company called Clock Work Tea Party (CWTP) is producing scented thermal paste.

A new product called 'Extremegris' is supposedly an osmanthus-flavored thermal paste (which is a hardy shrub that flowers in the spring, in case you were wondering - we certainly were).

Seemingly osmanthus is fairly popular in Asian cuisine, being used to make a tea, or indeed jams and dumplings, so obviously the next logical step was to infuse thermal paste with that inimitable osmanthus odor.

CWTP tells us that Extremegris isn't just an enticing scent, but also a decent thermal paste (which is useful if you don't want to cook your CPU, of course, never mind your osmanthus soup).

The company notes that the "thermal conductivity is slightly higher than that of other materials" and that the "viscosity is relatively soft, making it easy to apply using a spatula or card as well as in the center."

So, there you have it. Whether, after the paste is applied, you can actually smell the faint aroma of osmanthus as your PC (or CPU, rather) warms up, we're not sure. Presumably that's the point, but the blurb doesn't make that clear.

CWTP has previously made an Apple scented thermal paste (which was ideal for your Mac, ahem), and all these are limited edition products.

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