No Rest for the Wicked is a gorgeous Diablo-style action-RPG from an acclaimed indie studio

From the studio behind the acclaimed Ori games, No Rest for the Wicked blends Diablo loot and action with Dark Souls combat in a visually stunning world.

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No Rest for the Wicked is the latest game from Moon Studios, the talented team behind the Ori games for Xbox. If you've played Ori and the Will of the Wisps, it won't come as a surprise that it looks absolutely stunning, with incredible art direction, character and environment design, and immersive lighting effects.

No Rest for the Wicked, image credit: Moon Studios/Private Division.

No Rest for the Wicked, image credit: Moon Studios/Private Division.

However, unlike Ori, this is an isometric action RPG with gameplay and mechanics inspired by Diablo and Dark Souls. There will be skills and loot aplenty, with all the action taking place in a beautiful hand-crafted world - no procedural generation here.

Moon Studios has grand ambitions for No Rest for the Wicked. It aims to "reinvent the genre" by introducing precision-based combat to the loot-filled hack-and-skill world of Diablo-like titles. It's also a story-driven affair, set in a medieval world overrun by "the Pestilence" with religious undertones. You take on the role of a holy warrior and will have full control over the look of your character.

No Rest for the Wicked is a gorgeous Diablo-style action-RPG from an acclaimed indie studio 02

No Rest for the Wicked is set to hit PC first, with an Early Access release on April 19 (via Steam), and the full game launching later across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Alongside a roadmap that confirms multiplayer arriving in the game's first major update, developer Moon Studios released a 25-minute deep dive into all things No Rest for the Wicked.

The visuals help sell this as a must-play, alongside the almost unanimous praise for both Ori games. If you're a fan of action RPGs, be sure to put this near the top of your list of games to look forward to.

Key Features

Brutal, Precision-Baed Combat

Hone combat skills with a system that challenges you to be deliberate and strategic. Battle against gruesome creatures, enemy soldiers, and punishing bosses in tense, visceral combat. Feel the weight and speed of each weapon through their own move sets. Enchant armaments with runes, craft rare armor, and create bespoke character builds that fit your playstyle.

An Epic, Human Saga

Discover a mature, dark narrative on the harsh shores of Isola Sacra. Cunning rulers and ferocious rebels vie for the throne - all while an ancient plague sweeps across the land, turning its inhabitants into monstrous versions of themselves.

A Hand-Crafted World

Explore a painting come to life - take in the striking painterly world, meticulously built with an incredible attention to detail in a unique, ageless art style. Beauty radiates in every frame, from the dappled sunlight of the Lowland Meadows to the viscera-smeared, twisted shadows of the Nameless Pass. Each new location is home to its own people, problems, hidden treasures, and secrets to unearth.

A Moment's Respite

Take respite in the town of Sacrament - purchase property and decorate it to make it your own. Fish on the shores, till and harvest the land for ingredients to create meals that replenish health and boost stats. Acquaint yourself with the diverse array of vendors and townsfolk and restore Sacrament to its former glory.

Online Multiplayer

Share your world and progress with up to three friends by your side in the campaign's online co-op mode. Every quest, boss, and square foot of Isola Sacra is theirs to share with you...or they can simply venture off and do as they please.

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