AMD's fastest RDNA 4 GPU could offer RX 7900 XTX performance at $400 (if we're lucky)

A YouTube leaker has been discussing theories on how AMD could go with pricing for its RDNA 4 top dog, and it'll likely pitch between $400 to $600.

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We've been hearing more from the rumor mill about AMD's next-gen GPUs courtesy of Moore's Law is Dead (MLID).

The YouTube leaker outlined some further thoughts and theories regarding AMD's incoming RDNA 4 graphics cards in his latest video (see above).

Apparently what we're going to get is the top RDNA 4 GPU targeting around RTX 4080 or 7900 XTX performance, but making this far more attractive by upping the value proposition considerably.

MLID theorizes as low as a $400 price point in the US for this AMD graphics card, or $600 at the higher-end, so probably around the $500 mark if we go for the middle ground.

In other words, the RDNA 4 top dog - which would be a mid-range graphics card in the next-gen GPU landscape - will be the equivalent of what Team Red has as its flagship now, but for around half the price (given the 7900 XTX's MSRP of $999).

With RDNA 4 potentially launching in Q3, that could mean that in six or so months you might get a powerful graphics card by today's standards for a lot less money. As Team Red is rumored not to be going for a high-end model with RDNA 4, this is the alternative approach - an attack with value proposition. (Ultimately good news for consumers, of course).

What about NVIDIA's next-gen pricing plans, then? MLID also touches on this and the leaker believes that Team Green will more or less stick to its guns in many respects, but that the flagship RTX 5090 could get a meaningful price bump - though that will be reflected in its performance, as we discuss in-depth here.

Advantage AMD for release timing?

The RTX 5090 will likely lead the Blackwell charge, but may not be out until November, so AMD could get the drop on NVIDIA if the rumored RDNA 4 release timeframe pans out as expected. That's not certain by any means, mind, but if we had to put money on which firm will be first to market, we'd bet on Team Red.

Blackwell will, of course, change the GPU arena considerably. MLID discusses NVIDIA's possible next-gen launches in this video and their relative performance levels, and the RTX 5070 is marked as pitching up at around the same level as the imminent RTX 4080 Super (or its rumored performance, we should clarify).

Given the beefiest RDNA 4 graphics card is targeting RTX 4080 performance, then, it might fall just a touch short of an RTX 5070 if the guessing from the grapevine pans out. Still, the price/performance ratio could still be where AMD wins, particularly if Team Red goes for the lower-end of MLID's pricing as rumored here (fingers crossed for that).

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