Does nobody care about Intel's new Arc A580? Rumors suggest sales of the GPU are truly dire

It's a shame as the Arc A580 isn't without its merits, but apparently sales of the GPU are 'effectively non-existent' according to one retailer.

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Intel's new Arc A580 graphics card is not popular with retailers, if the latest from a well-known YouTube leaker is anything to go by.

Moore's Law is Dead discussed the A580 GPU as part of his latest video, noting that despite some positive buzz around the A580, retailers don't want to stock the card.

A few sources from the retail world are cited by Moore's Law is Dead, and they include an insider at a major outlet who observes that they ordered "almost no A580s" and that maybe some might pop up in late October.

Another retailer (again, a big player) is experiencing sales levels for the A580 which are "effectively non-existent" we're told, which sounds pretty dire indeed.

Part of the reason the A580's initial launch felt a bit limp is because there were compelling discounts on the A750 at the time, but the latter GPU, further up the Arc Alchemist ladder, is now back to its normal (though still discounted) price.

Yet still there seems to be little to no interest in the A580, which must be frustrating for Intel, because as noted, the critical reception has been reasonable on the whole.

Benchmark findings

Moore's Law is Dead takes the Arc A580 to task with some benchmarking later in the video, finding that it's not all that compelling an option due to it playing second fiddle, on average, to the RX 6600. And that while you can save a chunk of money on the price of the Intel graphics card, because the A580 is more power-hungry than the Radeon, you're going to lose those savings over time due to that lack of efficiency.

To cap it off, the A580 is totally wonky in some games - all of this is pointed out in our full Arc A580 review, by the way.

Moore's Law is Dead does give Intel props for big improvements to the Arc drivers throughout this year, but at the same time, notes that the Alchemist range is still effectively in beta (meaning that when it launched, Arc GPUs were more like in alpha with the graphics drivers).

Furthermore, given the notable wrinkles and huge show-stopping problems here and there - Starfield being the obvious example - the YouTube leaker doesn't feel that Intel should have priced the A580 at the level it did. Rather than $180 in the US, Moore's Law is Dead thinks $150 would have been a more sensible price point.

Harsh but fair? Well, as we've already pointed out, discounts on the A750 can make the A580 look like a shaky value proposition indeed, so we're inclined to agree that somewhere closer to $150 would have been a good move.

That said, if A580 stock stays as firmly on the shelves as the current situation at retail indicates going by the leaker's sources, then it won't be too long before price cuts are implemented and we see this newest Arc graphics card dip towards that $150 mark, surely.


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