Netflix lets you customize subs and closed captions in the name of accessibility

Netflix is rolling out customizable subtitles and closed captions to better help people read on-screen text when watching TV shows and movies.

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Netflix has started to roll out a change that could be a big deal for people who use subtitles and closed captions. The new feature allows those people to heavily customize what the on-screen text looks like, making it easier to read.

The new addition gives people plenty of options including the ability to choose from three different text sizes and four styles and colors of text. Combined, the new options give people plenty of scope to find a look that best suits their tastes as well as any specific accessibility needs they might have.

That doesn't mean that everything is rosy in the world of Netflix and subtitles, though. Some users report that they're watching content with subtitles that disappear off the bottom of the screen, something that's particularly problematic when watching on a projector with a fixed screen, for example. The position of the subtitles isn't something that this latest round of customizations allows people to change, unfortunately.

Netflix isn't alone in giving viewers a way to customize their subtitles, of course. Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more all offer similar options. As well they should, TechCrunch reports that 80% of Americans said that they are more likely to finish a video if it has captions available.

Netflix says that the newly updated subtitles and closed captions should be rolling out to TV users now, with the change expected to be done and dusted before the end of the day. If you aren't able to change anything just yet, sit tight. The feature is on its way.


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