Apple just made replacement batteries more expensive because of course it did

Apple has increased the price of getting a new battery installed in an iPhone, iPad, and Mac with some prices jumping by as much as $50 overnight.

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Apple has today increased the price of its iPhone batteries, making it more costly to put a brand new power source in anything from an iPhone 8 through to an iPhone 13. However, the iPhone 14 lineup hasn't been affected - because its $99 batteries were already more expensive than the others.

The battery price increases don't just affect iPhones, but they're the devices most likely to get new batteries. Price hiked can be found in the iPad and Mac lineups as well, however.

In terms of prices, batteries for iPhone 13 models now cost $89, which is $20 more than they cost yesterday. The iPhone 8 and earlier have had a similar price increase and now cost $69.

Companies like iFixit have of course been quick to point out that their own prices have not been affected, although Apple would no doubt argue that the batteries they provide can't be trusted. Apple is quick to say that non-genuine batteries can pose a safety risk, although right to repair advocates would obviously strongly disagree.

Other price increases include the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini models that now all cost $119 to have a new battery installed - a $20 price increase just like the iPhones.

Mac users are the worst hit, however. Some replacement Mac batteries have seen their price increase by $50, for example. However, it's important to remember that these prices only apply to out-of-warranty repairs. Those who have AppleCare+ will not be impacted. Anyone whose one-year warranty is still active will also be safe from these hikes.


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