Destiny 2 Arc 3.0: New Hunter super, Titan one-shot melee

Bungie has detailed the major overhauls and changes to Destiny 2's new Arc 3.0 revamp buffs including a Titan dodge, a new hunter super, and more.

Published Aug 17, 2022 1:55 PM CDT   |   Updated Thu, Sep 8 2022 8:37 AM CDT
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Bungie has detailed Destiny 2's new Arc 3.0 revamp ahead of the game's upcoming live stream reveal on August 23.

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0: New Hunter super, Titan one-shot melee 2 |

There's electricity in the air. Arc 3.0 is on the horizon in Destiny 2, bringing with it a significant subclass overhaul following Void 3.0 and Solar 3.0. The new class update brings a host of exciting changes including a new Titan one-shot melee ability called Thunderclap as well as a brand new Arc super for the Hunter called Gathering Storm.

Here are some details about Gathering Storm...and yes, it sounds pretty epic: "The Hunter leaps into the air, hurling their staff into the ground (or into an unlucky enemy) like a spear. Upon impact, the staff emits a damaging burst that jolts nearby enemies. Soon after, a giant bolt of lightning strikes the staff and overcharges it, creating a large damage zone around it for several seconds-while overcharged, the staff sends out arcs of lightning to damage any enemies that move near it."

Arc 3.0 summary

  • New buff - Amplified boosts movement speed and weapon handling, boosts slide - Innate buff, no equipment required, triggers by rapidly defeating targets with Arc damage
  • New buff - Speed Booster is triggered by sprinting while Amplified, delivers big PVE damage resistance
  • New PVE debuff - Blind will obscure enemy vision and enemies will not be able to use weapons
  • New PVP debuff - Jolt whites out a player's screen, removes HUD, disrupts audio
  • Adds Traces to all classes (previously only available to Warlocks)
  • Titan - New Thunderclap charged melee attack with massive damage
  • Titan - New Thrust dodge ability
  • Warlock - Two new lightning melee attacks - Ball Lightning and Chain Lightning
  • Warlock - Chaos Reach and Stormtrance supers
  • Hunter - New super - Gathering Storm
  • Hunter - Blink movement is back


"For Hunters we wanted to reward staying in close and being safe while you're in close quarters with an enemy, which is very difficult to do in a lot of our content. We wanted to give them tools to stay alive while they either closed the gap or were in a melee combo. That came primarily in the form of giving them crowd control tools."

Hunters will be able to choose from three Arc Aspects to customize their tactical style:

  • Flow State: Defeating a jolted opponent causes you to become amplified. When amplified, the Hunter's dodge will recharge faster and make you more resistant to damage, and you have quicker reload times.
  • Tempest Strike: Allows the Hunter to perform a sliding melee that launches an Arc wave along the ground, dealing significant damage and jolting enemies in its path.
  • Lethal Current: After dodging, the Hunter's melee lunge range is increased and their next melee attack jolts the target and creates a damaging lightning aftershock. When used with the Arc Staff Super, after dodging, the Hunter's next staff light attack hits twice. In addition, hitting a jolted enemy with a melee attack will blind them.


"We wanted the player to feel like they are channeling the power of the storm through their body. Controlling the storm, controlling lightning like an elemental conduit."

Three Aspects will be available for Warlocks:

  • Arc Soul: The Warlock casts a rift to create an Arc Soul that will assist the player in battle. Allies who pass through the rift will also earn an Arc Soul. The rift charges faster when allies are near. While amplified, any Arc Soul you have or gain is supercharged, increasing its rate of fire.
  • Lightning Surge: The Warlock activates their melee while sliding to transform into a ball of lightning and teleport forward, calling down a field of lightning bolts at the exit point that jolts targets.
  • Electrostatic Mind: Arc ability kills and kills on Arc-debuffed enemies create Ionic Traces. When you collect any Ionic Trace, you become amplified.


"You don't get to move the Arc Titan. They move you. The Arc Titan's ultimate goal is to punch you in the face and so a lot of what we did for Arc Titan was to try and figure out how we facilitate fist-to-face contact as much as possible."

Like the other subclasses, Arc 3.0 Titans will have three Aspects to select from:

  • Touch of Thunder: Improves Arc grenades in the following ways:
  • Flashbang: Fires an additional blind impulse on its first bounce.
  • Pulse: When the grenade damages an enemy, it creates an Ionic Trace for the Titan. Pulse Grenade damage increases over time as the grenade lingers after impact.
  • Lightning: Grants an additional charge for Lightning grenade, and jolts targets on initial blast.
  • Storm: Creates a roaming thundercloud that moves and tracks enemies (similar to the Stasis Hunter's Silence & Squall Super), firing lightning bolts at the ground underneath it.
  • Juggernaut: While sprinting and with full class ability energy, the Titan gains a frontal shield that blocks incoming damage. When amplified, the shield is stronger. Once the shield is depleted by taking damage, the player's class energy is depleted.
  • Knockout: Melee kills trigger health regeneration and make the Titan amplified. Critically wounding an enemy or breaking their shield increases melee range and damage for a brief period. Titan's base melee becomes Arc-empowered while Knockout is active.

Here's a look at a few of the Fragments to come:

  • Spark of Beacons: When the player is amplified, Arc special weapon kills create a blinding explosion.
  • Spark of Resistance: When surrounded by enemies, the player has increased damage resistance.
  • Spark of Momentum: Sliding over ammo will reload your weapon and grant a small amount of melee energy. Sliding over Heavy ammo increases the amount of energy granted.
  • Spark of Shock: The player's Arc grenades jolt enemies.
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