Someone made a real life Apex Legends Loot Tick robot, it even walks

YouTuber Graham Watson built, designed, and programmed a working Apex Legends Loot Tick robot, and it even walks around.

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The amount of hours put into this Apex Legends Loot Tick robot is simply incredible, my brain just doesn't work like this -- hats off to YouTuber The3DPrintSpace -- or Graham Watson, and his real-life Apex Legends Loot Tick robot. Check it out:

He even labels it as his new thing, a "crazy mechanical/robotic design" where his first project is the Apex Legends Loot Tick robot. The robot actually walks, talks, and can be mean to the smaller loot ticks. It's utterly amazing to see up and running, and the entire build in the 41-minute video.

You can watch every nitty-gritty moment of construction of the real-life Apex Legends Loot Tick, and it just makes me want to see Graham make more fantastical things like this from the gaming worlds we all play and love. If this replica is his first attempt at designing, building, and programming a robot -- then holy hell I can't wait to see what he can do next.

Someone made a real life Apex Legends Loot Tick robot, it even walks 10

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