More NVIDIA G92/G98 Info

800MHz+ GPU on G92.

Published Thu, Aug 23 2007 12:41 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:39 PM CST
As we draw closer to NVIDIA's next-gen GPUs (namely G92 and G98), more details are surfacing about them.

The Inq report that their top-end G92 chips will be launched with a GPU clockspeed of at least 800MHz, with an Ultra variant to show up a bit later down the track running even higher. These cards should deliver massive performance boosts over the current 8800 series, which are by no means slouches as it stands.

G98 however is said to be a mainstream chip which is designed to take on AMD's ATI RV670 series. These will take over where the 8600 leaves off, a 256-bit controller will be the main improvement.

There is quite a lot Nvidia has to support with the G92 series of chips, and what yours truly wonders the most is will the G92 support just Open GL 3 (Long Peak), or will the chip support Mount Evans as well (upgrade of Long's Peak). Of course, DirectX 10.1 is also a moot point at this time, and worst case scenario would be support for DX10.0+, but somehow we don't feel that source was right on target.

Overall, one thing is certain - G92 will deliver significant performance boost at 8800 price standpoint.


SEVERAL READERS CAME back and asked us what is exactly G98, mentioned in previous stories by Mr. Demerjian and myself. The answer is short and sweet. G98 is the new mainstream part with enhanced and more wide memory controller, going head to head with ATi's own RV670. G98 is all that G83 (8600) was supposed to be, but failed to deliver.

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