Quest 2 brought more women into VR than any other Oculus headset

Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 is selling very well and bringing many new people into VR, including more women than ever before.

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Facebook said that the Oculus Quest 2 had brought more women into VR than any of its previous headsets. The standalone VR system is also selling far better than the original Quest headset.

Quest 2 brought more women into VR than any other Oculus headset 01

It is no surprise that Quest 2 is a big hit for Oculus. The headset has sold incredibly well, with developers announcing shortly after the headset's release that they were seeing all-time high sales numbers for their games. Chris Pruett, an executive at Facebook Reality Labs, said in October that sales exceeded company expectations. Mark Zuckerberg later confirmed that five times as many people pre-ordered Quest 2 than the original Oculus Quest.

Facebook today revealed that it took less than seven weeks for Quest 2's monthly active user numbers to surpass the userbase of the first Quest, which hit the market a year and a half prior. It's safe to say that Quest 2 is a big seller. And given the reaction from many developers after the holidays, it's likely that the active user base is much higher now than it was seven weeks after Quest 2 launched.

Facebook credits the integration of its Facebook and Oculus accounts into one login as part of its success. Critics of Facebook's move, including German government officials, would likely tell you otherwise. The Facebook account requirement has been met with significant criticism, and the German authorities are challenging the legality of the move in court.


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