Oculus Move fitness tracker coming to Quest and Quest 2 next week

Oculus will start rolling out a system-level fitness tracker next week for Oculus Quest. Now your can track your VR exercise.

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If you have an Oculus Quest, you're probably getting regular exercise without even realizing it. Starting next week, your Quest headset will be able to keep track of that for you.

Oculus Move fitness tracker coming to Quest and Quest 2 next week 01

In September, during the Facebook Connect conference, Facebook announced that it would soon launch a fitness tracking solution for the Oculus Quest platform. The software, dubbed Oculus Move, is an upcoming system-level feature for Quest that will give you a rundown of just how active you are in VR.

Oculus Move works in the background, keeping track of your activity while you play your favorite games, and gives you an estimated breakdown of how much energy you're burning. The software provides you with a dashboard to report your fitness stats, including an estimated tally of your calorie burn, how many moves you make per minute, and a breakdown of how many calories you burned per active hour.

Oculus said it would roll out Oculus Move on a gradual basis starting next week. Not everyone will get access to the new feature immediately, but you should see the app in your Oculus Library relatively soon.

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