Read Along by Google is an app that helps kids learn to read

It's rare that we see an app that has no in-app purchases, no ads, and works entirely offline.

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One of the biggest challenges that people around the world face right now due to the coronavirus is helping kids to learn and stay occupied. People without children in the home don't understand how difficult it can be to get any work done with a rambunctious child wanting attention. Another challenge for parents is helping their kids to learn while at the same time trying to focus on their work so they can pay the bills.

Read Along by Google is an app that helps kids learn to read 01

Google has a new app that's available for Android users called Read Along by Google: A fun reading app. The app is designed to keep children entertained with short stories and other learning games. The key component of the app is that it has an in-app reading buddy that listens to the young reader as they read aloud and offers assistance when they struggle.

When the young reader does well, they are rewarded with stars. The app is aimed at kids who already have basic knowledge of the alphabet. Google has made the app for offline use without the need for an Internet connection after the initial download. Kids will be greeted with a fun game-like experience that features hundreds of stories and word games available in nine languages.

Supported languages include English and Spanish. The app is designed to encourage kids to learn at their own pace and tracks their individual progress. The app is designed for independent learning and specifically aims to help the child advance their reading journey with stories based on a recommended reading level. Another big deal with the app is that there is no cost, and there are no ads or in-app purchases. The last app-related Google item we talked about was when Google announced it and Apple would allow no location tracking for coronavirus apps.


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